Awesome Garage Floor Ideas


Today, there are several options available to create great garage floors. A good way to begin is to determine what material and style will work best for you. Here is a review of garage options and the benefits of each flooring design.

Custom Epoxy Floors

Custom epoxy floors are one of the most popular garage options. Coatings made of tough, resilient materials that are generally applied in several layers. Various solid or mixed colors choices, multiple hues and textures are available. You also have a choice of finishes. In addition, valuable warranties good for 15 or more years are included with these coatings.

The new, fast curing coatings are made of polyaspartic materials. This lessens the amount of downtime. You will have use of your garage by the next day.

Highly durable and easy to clean, epoxy floors resist chemical penetration from fluids that may seep from your automobile. This type of flooring is usually seen in places such as car dealership showrooms, auto service garages, and warehouses.

Tile Floors

Great custom garage floors can be designed with tile. There are countless ways to arrange a variety of materials, styles and colors. Some are made of interlocking plastic, vinyl or porcelain. Tile offers aesthetic beauty and protection from all the harmless agents that are used in a garage. These great garage floors are also slip-resistant and easy to clean. Depending on the system you choose, some can be installed on your own. More complicated styles require a skilled, professional installation. A custom tile floor will provide a sense of style to your garage and a countless years of reliable protection.

Mat Floors

Rubberized vinyl floor mats are the easiest garage floor option. They are also available in a variety of styles, colors and textures. You can choose smaller mats that cars can be pulled onto, or one large enough to cover the whole garage. Mats are easy to install and offer a quick way to cover up imperfections in the garage floor. They can also be rolled up and move conveniently.

If you are on a limited budget, painting a garage floor is still common practice. This is the most inexpensive way to improve the look of your floor with water based latex or epoxy paint. These options are not long term solutions, but they will add more durability and resistance to harsh substances. Another lower cost solution, if you have a concrete garage floor, is to apply a quality sealer. This will provide some protection and easier cleaning. A clear epoxy seal will offer the best protection.

Regardless of your budget and your needs, there are many ways to come up with awesome garage floor ideas. Just take the time to evaluate how to ensure the long-term use of your garage floor.