Beautify Your Epoxy Coating with Color Flakes


Epoxy paint chips, otherwise known as color flakes or color chips, are small bursts of pigment used to create a more vibrant looking custom garage floor. These colorful explosions often spark a lot of questions. People wonder about which color hues to choose, for how much floor coverage, what size the flakes should be, and the proper technique for applying them.

Decorative vinyl color flakes

Vinyl color flakes are made of polymer paint aggregates consisting of vinyl and acrylic resins in a thin layer. They are available in more than 150 custom epoxy paint colors that can be custom matched. Shapes and sizes are random, but the quarter inch color flake is most commonly used for epoxy coatings. Color chips can be blended together to achieve a unique look.

How should I choose color chip combinations?

Coverage can range from light, and medium to heavy, and full. You will decide how much coverage is applied. Always purchase a little more than you plan to use. Keep the base floor color in mind when choosing your hues. Typical shades tend to be either tan or gray. Off white and other color options can work well too. If you plan to do a full coverage floor the base color is of no concern.

One of the leading manufacturers of epoxy paint chips is Torginol. They off a great user-friendly color blend tool. Keep in mind, it can take a few seconds to fully load. Once it does, you can mix and match many colors. The most common option is a three color blend. Experiment with all of the colors you like. It is recommended that new users start with one dark color and one light. The third color should be of a medium hue.

What are the benefits of garage floor epoxy color flakes?

In addition to the convenience of customized color combinations, epoxy flakes help buffer sound and camouflage imperfections in your garage floor, if you apply them appropriately. Patchwork and cracks will be less visible through a garage floor coating with a heavy application of epoxy colors. These strong paint flakes are also very flexible. They will add
a thick layer of protection to your garage floor making it more durable and resistant to the damages effects of the impact.

How are decorative vinyl color flakes applied?

Sometimes when people decide to apply a garage floor coating on their own the epoxy paint colors aren’t always applied at the correct time. This process needs to happen after the base coat of your epoxy garage coating. It is necessary to begin the application within 10 minutes of the last back roll when the coating still has a tacky feel. At this point, add a layer of top coat or a couple layers of clear epoxy, polyaspartic or polyurethane. A very thin coat on the top will bring texture to the floor. A thicker top coat will result in a much smoother surface.

The simplest way to apply epoxy paint color flakes is to toss them in a bucket, scoop them out a handful at a time, and toss them in the air. The color flakes will spread out and disperse across the garage floor. When it is time to apply the top coat, remove any color flakes that did not stick to the floor.

Have fun and enjoy the creative process. Whether you are applying the epoxy coating yourself or having it professionally done, feel secure that you chose the best paint flakes and level of coverage to your pleasing.