Benefits of an Epoxy Floor in a Warehouse


Busy warehouses require heavy duty flooring that can stand up to the everyday demands dictated by a vast array of ongoing activities. At any given moment, a warehouse is likely to have forklifts carrying hefty loads, and boxes or pallets being dragged across the floor. All the while, these storage facilities may also need to be kept presentable for customers, tours and workable for employees.

Epoxy flooring offers numerous benefits in a warehouse environment:

Equipment protection

Untreated floors tend to crack and eventually erode. This leads to the formation of potholes which can be damaging to forklifts. Epoxy warehouse flooring systems provide a smoother surface that is much more equipment-friendly than untreated floors, saving you countless dollars in repairs.

Dust proof

Excessive traffic over untreated warehouse flooring will produce layers of dust. This coating is unhealthy, unsanitary and very visually unappealing. It can potentially damage or contaminate products and/or equipment. This problem no longer exists with a floor treated with an epoxy flooring system.

Avoid load spillage

An epoxy coating will turn your concrete floor into a non-porous surface, protecting the area from possible damage. Concrete that has already been damaged can be repaired by applying epoxy flooring, the application will create a smooth surface that will prevent the likelihood for load spillage.

Improve safety

Epoxy offers a more sanitary, brighter and more slip resistant workspace. Employees benefit from fewer accidents on the job. Epoxy can also be used to assign and delineate work areas.

Aesthetically pleasing

Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, epoxy flooring offers a more visually appealing work environment.

Cost and time effective

Epoxy flooring is an affordable option that is simple and ensures you will not need to close production for extended periods of time. In addition, epoxy is environmentally-friendly.

Easy maintenance

Since epoxy flooring is non-porous, it is very easy to clean and maintain, saving you money in reduced maintenance costs.