Commercial Epoxy Coating vs. Residential Flooring

The difference between the commercial epoxy coating and residential flooring is a very common question asked by many homeowners. The following are some of the distinctions made between the two.

Commercial epoxy coating

One major difference that can be found between the commercial epoxy coating and residential flooring is that in the commercial application, the sealant and the topcoat may be thicker. The thicker and harder it is will help to protect against high traffic or heavy equipment damaging the floor by using the commercial epoxy coating. There are many house owners who would install a similar floor coating for the warehouse epoxy floors and commercial kitchens.

Additives required

The epoxy garage floor in Houston TX may require the addition of non-slip additives such as sand or grit that would help give a flowing more textured structure. Many companies are pressured for the time when a high use business and commercial areas are involved as they require the floors for daily use. This kind of project with an epoxy garage floor in 77406 requires quick-drying systems so that the floor can be ready for use again within two days.

Residential flooring

The residential flooring system might include solid color, chip systems, granite chrome systems, and pearl essence metallic systems which can also be used for a commercial project. This is the reality for the epoxy garage floor in Houston, TX, where all the residential epoxy flooring systems can be converted for use in most commercial floor projects. This would depend on certain factors, such as:

  • The traffic
  • The purpose of the floor
  • The worn floor is likely to receive

These are the things that need to be considered before selecting a proper finish for the situation. There are few warehouse epoxy floor coatings which are specific to commercial use but also can be used for residential flooring. These are considered less in practical usage and more in theory as it can be an overkill for home use.

Quartz broadcast system

This kind of warehouse epoxy floors have excellent traction and anti-slip surfaces and are used for light to medium traffic situations. This kind of system is recommended where water containment is needed more, and durable surface is required.

The 1/4 inch power tool systems

The system can be used in an auto shop, airplane hangar, commercial, industrial epoxy floors where the old concrete it is restored to a smooth and extremely durable heavyweight traffic and storage system.