Common Mistakes to Make When Choosing a Commercial Floor Coating

Common Mistakes to Make When Choosing a Commercial Floor Coating

Applying a commercial coating to a garage floor can have several benefits: the coating will make the floor easier to clean and less susceptible to stains and tire tread marks and, because it will be less porous, it is more hygienic. It also creates a more appealing look, for both customers and employees. If you are considering this option, try to avoid making the following mistakes.

Not selecting a commercial grade coating

It might be tempting to choose a cheaper option for your flooring coating, but keep in mind that the flooring will have to keep up with daily operations. It’s worth the investment to get a good quality, durable option that will not need replacing. A 100% epoxy basecoat is recommended, not a water-based epoxy. If not epoxy, you can use a high-quality polished concrete instead.

Failing to prepare the floor properly

For the epoxy to be successfully applied, the concrete or existing flooring must be prepped properly. Epoxy requires a smooth surface, so all chips, cracks, and uneven areas will need to be repaired or smoothed over first. Additionally, the floor needs to be clean and dry; epoxy cannot adhere to oil and grease stains, so those will have to be removed the best they can be. Usually, grinding the concrete will be sufficient for resurfacing, though a new underlayment may be required if the floor is particularly damaged.

Applying just one coat

Taking the time to apply the floor coating properly will help ensure that it lasts. The best method is to use a primer coat, followed by epoxy, then one or two top coats. With this layered approach, flooring can last up to 20 years.

Sticking to a standard gray

Don’t be mistaken in thinking that your only option is gray. Between the epoxy and topcoat, you can have a color, or specialty finish applied to make the garage feel more inviting.

Selecting a DIY option

You and your team may be skilled in mechanics, but this might not necessarily translate to properly installing concrete or epoxy flooring. Make sure you know the proper techniques and methods to avoid consuming and costly damages.

The best option is to go with a team that specializes in garage flooring, not just your average contractor. The professionals at ETECH Epoxy Coating Technology can assist you in installing the floors you want for your business.