Concrete Resurfacing for Commercial Kitchens


In the food service industry, it is very important to have flooring made of quality concrete products. Floors in commercial kitchens need to support heavy equipment, a lot of foot traffic and varying temperatures. All of the moving around and food handling can make for a messy and potentially hazardous environment. At the same time, it is necessary for restaurants and commercial kitchens to remain clean and slip-proof to avoid injuries, and possible lawsuits.

Why concrete resurfacing?

Concrete resurfacing may be the solution. Epoxy coatings with grip additive could save your employees from a fall and you from a workers’ compensation lawsuit. This concrete repair will result in a smoother floor without cracks or crevices for dirt and grime to hide. The top coat will provide a moisture-resistant barrier.

Porous materials like marble or hardwood floors are not suitable for commercial kitchens. Tile can get very slippery when wet. Concrete products are much more durable and able to stand up to the traffic and mess that comes with a restaurant setting.

Epoxy coating can change the look and feel of any concrete floor, making it more attractive and giving it more texture and grip. Sundek dealers provide effective concrete resurfacing across the nation at affordable prices.

How long will the process take?

Luckily, it isn’t necessary for your entire floor to be torn up and a whole new one installed for concrete restoration. Polyaspartic coatings can cure in one day, so you can have your floor done on a day that your business is closed. If there isn’t a business day that is convenient for you, a concrete contractor can get the job done overnight, eliminating any business downtime.

Improved work environment

Concrete resurfacing will provide even more than a safer workspace for your employees. It will make the environment more aesthetically pleasing. Sundek offers a large variety of concrete stains, dyes, stencils, and stamps to choose from to make your commercial kitchen look beautiful, clean, and professional.

A brightly colored work environment can help boost a positive mood and lift employee morale, in turn, increasing productivity. You can rest assured that you’ve provided not only a safer workplace, but one that is uplifting.

Restaurants and commercial kitchens can benefit greatly from epoxy resurfacing. Sundek’s epoxy coatings provide concrete repair with all of the benefits you need, with very little of the downtime.