Create Eye-Popping 3D Epoxy Floors


Have you ever envisioned a truly spectacular flooring style full of imagery and movement as part of your unique home decor? If you are artsy, adventurous or maybe just someone who marches to a different drum, 3D flooring may be something to consider. Mind blowing 3D floor designs are nothing like traditional tile, wood, laminate or rubber home floors.

What is epoxy 3D flooring?

Epoxy floor3D art can be whatever you imagine, fish, plants or even ocean waves can appear to pop up from below each time you enter that special room.This creative type of epoxy flooring incorporates several translucent layers along with angled images to create the desired 3D effect. Work your imagination into every room.

Ocean theme 3D bathroom floor

This is one of the most popular areas to use 3D floor art because ocean and beach scenes are so common for this type of room. You can choose any image you like to display. It is then printed on a special photo printer and set to the appropriate pattern and size of the bathroom floor. Regardless if the room is an odd shape or how large or small it is; the process can still work well.

Tropical 3D kitchen flooring

The bathroom is a safe place to start, but why not go bold and add more imagery to more visible spaces where you spend more time? Trendy 3 d flooring designs for the kitchen and other rooms include coral reef settings, jungles, palm trees and skylines. The epoxy floor design can be part of a whole theme throughout the room.

The possibilities are endless

Bring a piece of your personality into the 3D floor designs. There is no end once the ideas start flowing. Although popular choices are water themes and aquatic life, there are no rules on how to set up a stunning scene in any room. Explore different uses of scenery, detail, and color. If you have the financial means and an eclectic style, and you can turn your home into a work of art.