E-Tech Epoxy Floor Coloring Systems, Houston TX

You might lack insight on what epoxy floor coloring is, but you’re lucky to have found this article. To be precise, Lava Flow® Metallic Epoxy floor coloring is applied to old and new concrete floors to make them shinier and more attractive

Subject to your liking, you can have the flooring applied in your residential or commercial area.

After application, your floor is left with a unique metallic, smooth, glass-like texture that is reflective and has a special sparkle. Never has concrete floors looked the same after being finished with these innovative designs.

E-tech Houston Epoxy Flooring prides itself in offering the best epoxy coatings of the highest quality, and above normal standards.

Our services are top-notch, and customers are our lead priority when it comes to Lava Flow Metallic Epoxy Floor Colors in Richmond, TX.

What Services do we offer?

The well-practiced personnel we have are not pleased until you have your floors installed with utmost care and precision, be it in your residential area, garage, warehouse, or commercial holdings.

Learn more about these services below:

Residential Epoxy Coloring

This is one of the most popular flooring services we give to our clients in Huston, Richmond, Sugar Land, and Missouri City.

You have the option to choose from a variety of eye-catching epoxy colors and styles for your garage floor. Any transformation of your desire is possible, regardless of where you choose it to be, either the garage floor, shed, or barn floors.

The benefit here is that your floor will be more attractive, easier to clean off debris, and its slip and heat resistant. You can even choose to have the epoxy color match your man-cave themes, the walls, or even your car! Hard impacts are also barely felt on your new Lava Flow epoxy floor.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

  • Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

Opting for Lava Flow Metallic Epoxy Colors in Houston, TX, is a great investment for any commercial, especially in your busy warehouse. You not only achieve the most eye-catching floors with this, but they are also top-quality and long-lasting.

E-Tech’s warehouse flooring leaves your floor slip-resistant, impact-resistant, and also gives the concrete floor a layer that’s fire-resistant.

Compared to your regular concrete floor, cleaning and maintenance will be absolutely easy. You only need to sweep or mop the floor, and it’s sparkling clean.

The Epoxy Lava Flow finish is also better resistant to oil spills, chemicals, tire marks, and other potential warehouse stains.

  • Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Clients prefer the epoxy color flooring in an industrial plant for many reasons, with safety being the number one priority.

The many variant colors available act as a disguise for chemical spills, water, dried food and other liquids likely to stain the floor. Light reflection is also best achieved with this flooring system for enhanced visibility and a better working environment.

It’s easy to mark the floors for safe walking pathways, machine locations, loading zones, and more.

  • Commercial Parking Garage

The benefits of having Lava Flow Epoxy floor coloring for any commercial garage are pretty forthright. We have the most suitable colors, specially branded for garage decorations for ease of operation.

Investing in an epoxy floor finish will surely pay off for your parking garage. First, the epoxy finish shields your concrete floor from weathered elements such as moisture and excessive heat. It’s easier for vehicles to navigate inclined and flat surfaces on the smooth epoxy finish too.

A wide variety of epoxy colors is available for marking off the parking spaces, isolate social areas, and clearly define walking areas within the lot.

  • Auto-Garage Epoxy Flooring

It’s crucial to furnish your commercial, automotive garage with the best quality epoxy Lava Flow floors in Houston.

You will notice the floor is slip and impact-resistant, safe for the mechanics. With this floor, you can mark and easily identify tool placement zones, safe walking areas, and areas for customers who like to watch are clearly designated.

We ensure our commercial epoxy floors are chemically hardened to withstand the constant use of degreasers and floor cleaning agents.

Concrete Renewal Systems

For those with damaged old concrete floors, our professionals are ready to resurface them to new, sparkly, and smooth epoxy-finished bases. Our services are affordable and safe, ensuring the task is completed with care for the highest quality result.

The following steps are involved in the concrete restoration process:

  • Concrete Grinding
  • Application of sealants and densifier
  • Concrete Honing
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Finish