Epoxy Floor Designs for the Summer


Summer is around the corner and what time of year is better than summer for projects? People often renovate their homes and businesses during summer months. If you are considering some interior design projects and are in the market for new flooring, why not super durable and decorative epoxy flooring? Take a look at these examples of awesome epoxy floor summer designs:

  • Self-Dispersing Epoxy Floors – This flooring is very strong, and frequently used for high traffic, heavy use areas. Strong enough to handle forklifts and other large machinery.
  • Self-Dispersing Epoxy Floors with Quartz Sand – Another extremely strong flooring, but the quartz sand provides superior anti-slip properties. Great for industries that use a lot of water to avoid work-related accidents.
  • Self Levelling Epoxy Floors – These floors are great over new and even old concrete as they self-level. They are a popular choice for kitchens, garages, storage spaces, etc.
  • Mortar Epoxy Floors – This epoxy flooring is the strongest available. Can be used to repair cracks before laying other types of epoxy flooring.
  • Graveled Epoxy Floors – If you are looking for something more decorative, this is your best choice. Although more difficult to install than other epoxy flooring, you can add decorative details or even branding if used in a business setting.
  • Epoxy Terrazzo Floors – Another decorative epoxy flooring option, often seen in business settings and schools. Comes in a wide variety of colors and styles.
  • Epoxy Antistatic Floors – In certain industries, static can be a problem so an environment free of static is necessary. This type of flooring is perfect for those situations.
  • Epoxy Flaked Floors – This type of epoxy floor is also decorative but also has great anti-slip properties. Color flakes or chips are laid inside of the epoxy floor for decoration. There are a wide variety of color combinations possible.

Whether you are looking into new flooring for your home, office or business, epoxy flooring is a great choice. There are many different ways you can design the exact floor of your dreams. From the super durable to the beautifully decorative, we’ve got it all.