Epoxy Floors Can Be Slip-Resistant, Safer Floors

Epoxy Floors Can Be Slip-Resistant, Safer Floors

Epoxy floors produce a number of benefits; besides being easy to clean and updating your floor to have a nicer look, epoxy floors can also be safer than other standard hard flooring such as concrete in certain conditions by having the ability to be slip-resistant.

Importance of Commercial Slip-Resistant Flooring</p

There are certain businesses and industries that may require a floor that remains completely slip-resistant within commercial sites, such as restaurants, manufacturing plants, or hospitals.For example, in cases of spills, a slip-resistant floor will prevent employees or visitors to the business from slipping and falling. In addition, in times of emergencies, a hospital’s floor must remain slip-resistant for the easy transfer of patients as well as the quick and safe movement of medical staff to a patient in dire need of medical attention.

Importance of Residential Slip-Resistant Flooring

However, a slip-resistant floor isn’t just important for commercial businesses; it can also be important on residential properties. For example, if you have an outdoor pool, a slip-resistant walkway around it will prevent swimmers from slipping on wet spots. In addition, a slip-resistant garage or driveway will prevent slips and falls from oil or grease stains.

Slip-Resistant Epoxy Floors</p

The roughness of a floor can determine how much traction there is and the possibility of any slipping and falls. An aggregate epoxy floor can actually remain slip-resistant for your commercial business or residence, perfect for maintaining the safety of the people who frequently walk on it.

In unique applications of epoxy floors, a special additive can be added to the glaze coat, adding a certain roughness to the surface that makes it slip-resistant. Also known as aggregates, these additives are small pieces, flakes, or grains that are added in-between layers of epoxy coating to create a non-slip surface. In some cases, small additions of grit can be added to the glaze coat, providing additional slip-resistance.

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