Epoxy or Polished Concrete?


When deciding whether to go with epoxy or polished concrete, first consider how the floor will be used. Is it industrial flooring? Will it be used in a restaurant setting, a commercial garage or a private home?


In a high traffic environment like a restaurant, epoxy flooring is not only aesthetically pleasing, if properly maintained, it can last for decades. This setting allows for more abuse than just about any other environment. From the constant traffic to chairs sliding back and forth, to all the necessary cleaning numerous times each day, the brutality is never ending. Remember, to ensure the longevity of your epoxy floor, it must be installed by a professional.

Decorative epoxy floors in a residential setting offer both beauty and function. With a vast array of hues and color combinations in which to choose, it is a great way to display your unique tastes.

Things to consider before installing residential epoxy flooring:

  • Epoxy coating can be damaged. Do you have pets that have not been declawed?
  • Do you prefer a satin or glossy finish?
  • Can you afford weekly or monthly maintenance?
  • Are you willing to invest the time to wax the floor one to three times each year?

To ensure the proper scratch protection, most restaurants will need a semi-gloss finish for their epoxy flooring system. This coating won’t eliminate scratches completely, but it will do a great job of minimizing them.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete isn’t just plain, boring concrete. It can be stained and show off colors, designs, logos and more, depending on what you desire. If you are looking for tough, virtually indestructible flooring, polished concrete is a reliable choice. You will never have to worry about lifting, peeling or whether someone will trip on an uneven floor.

In the restaurant business, polished concrete is a bit more forgiving than epoxy flooring. Foods and liquids are spilled all the time in this environment and are easily wiped clean off a concrete floor. Depending on what was spilled, it might leave a stain on epoxy.

Polished concrete is available in non-fading colors that last for many years. With a little creativity, you can add style to your home or business with polished concrete flooring that complements your existing décor.

Things to consider before installing polished concrete flooring:

  • Do you prefer a gloss finish?
  • Do you need a scratch resistant surface?
  • Will you keep up with weekly or monthly maintenance?
  • Do you want stain resistant flooring?

There are pluses and minuses to choosing both epoxy and polished concrete flooring. What it comes down to, in the end, is personal preference.