Essential Tips to Prepare Your Garage for Epoxy Flooring

Your garage floor needs to be tough as well as good-looking and epoxy flooring fits the bill just well. Many people mistake epoxy for paint, but epoxy and paint are not the same. They have a different chemical composition and epoxy is thicker than paint. However, it is not as easy to apply as paint and one needs some preparation beforehand for successful epoxy coating. Also, the application of epoxy can vary from one product to another, so you need to read the manual before application. Let’s have a look at some tips for the epoxy garage floor in 77406 coating and how to prepare the garage for it.

Check the Garage Floor

The first thing that you need to do is to inspect the floor of the garage. It has been observed that epoxy offers the best results when applied to clean and dry concrete. It means that the floor must have a smooth surface without any damages and cracks. Cracks can simply spoil the finishing of the coating and also make it less durable. You can patch the cracks before applying the epoxy coating. You must also know that epoxy doesn’t adhere to sealed concrete so you can remove the sealer by grinding. Also, if it is a newly poured concrete, wait for a few days for it to cure.

Essential Tools and Supplies

The epoxy garage floor near Houston, TX, a coating is usually sold in kits. Check the contents of the kit so that you know, which additional tools you may need. For epoxy coating purposes, you may need a broom, stiff brush, wet-dry shop vacuum, safety gear, concrete degreaser, epoxy floor coating tip, paintbrush, painter’s tape, paint roller, and plastic sheeting.

Moisture Level

If your floor has moisture, the epoxy coating will fail so if your floor has a lot of moisture, drop the idea of epoxy coating. You need to look for the damp areas to find out if the floor has moisture. Also, when the moisture evaporates from the concrete, a white residue is formed. It is a sure sign of moisture on the concrete. If you want to be sure about the floor having moisture or not, you must perform a calcium chloride test. Once you are done with the testing, clean the floor for epoxy coating.

Etching the Concrete

You need to prepare the floor before applying the epoxy coating by etching the floor. You will find the etching solution in the epoxy coating kit along with the manual. You can follow the instructions and wear all the safety gear before pouring the solution on the floor. If it begins to foam and fizz, it is an indication that it is doing its job well. Now, wash the floor thoroughly and let the floor dry for a few days.

Making the Room Ready

You must apply some painter’s tape along the bottoms of the walls so that the coating doesn’t spoil the walls. You may as well tape some plastic sheeting at the bottom of the wall.

Mix the Solution

You need to mix the catalyst and the resin just before applying the epoxy coating in the Auto shop garage. Stir the paint and start pouring the catalyst while continuing to stir. Stir for 2-3 minutes until you get a thoroughly mixed solution. You need to let the solution rest for a while before application.

Once you have applied the epoxy in the Airplane hanger, don’t start walking and let it dry for at least 24 hours or more. You must park the car in the garage only after a week or so. Following the above preparation tips for epoxy coating in a garage as well as commercial flooring, will ensure that you achieve perfect epoxy coating. Always remember to apply the coating as soon as you feel it is ready for application.

The preparation and inspection part are important as it decides the success and failure of your epoxy coating. Only a thorough preparation can ensure that you have a beautiful and durable design which is your actual intention behind coating your floor with it. A lack of preparation will defeat the purpose.