Home Remedies for Cleaning a Concrete Garage Floor


Is your garage floor made of cement or concrete? These are not interchangeable terms. The powder comprised of a number of substances such as clay, aluminum, limestone, sand, shale and other materials, is cement. This powdery conglomerate is the key ingredient in developing concrete, the solid material created by mixing cement with sand and water. To be most accurate, the garage floor is made of concrete. Even though this material appears very dense, it is actually quite porous. For the longevity of your floor, understand the safest and most effective methods of garage floor cleaning.

How to Clean Oil Off of a Garage Floor

When preparing to clean your concrete garage floor treat all stains first and remove any excess residue. Oil spills need to be absorbed immediately to avoid staining. Scott shop towels are very thick and absorbent, they work well for lifting spills. If residue remains after attempting to clean an oil spill, pour a layer of cat litter on the affected area and cover it completely overlapping the spill. Let it soak for a few hours to several days, depending on the size of the spill. Once the residue is absorbed, sweep up the litter. This process will also work with baking soda or sawdust.

For stubborn oil stains, sweep the soiled area and sprinkle powder detergent on the stain. Don’t be stingy, pour a generous amount completely covering the blemish. Fill a bucket with warm water and wet your stiff brush. Scrub the stain aggressively back and forth. This process may need to be repeated over the course of several days. Once the desired result is accomplished, wipe the area and allow it to dry.

Sometimes, it is possible to remove at least part of an old oil stain by rehydrating it. Pour just enough corn oil to cover the spot. Use your stiff brush to scrub the area hard. Wait about 20 minutes and sprinkle some water-free concrete garage floor cleaner on the stain. Scrub again and let sit overnight. The oil will pull the stain out of the concrete. This process may have to be repeated multiple times until the stain is removed.

How to Clean a Garage Floor

    • • Before starting the cleaning process, remove all items from the floor and sweep thoroughly.
    • • With your garden hose, spray the garage floor with a high-pressure stream of water. Turn it on full force. Begin spraying the back of the garage and move out of the garage door.
    • • Use a long-handled, stiff brush with a cleaning solution to scrub the floor. You can invest in costly garage floor cleaners or try using one cup of detergent mixed with two gallons of hot water.
    • • Ground in dirt and grime can be removed easily while the floor is wet with an abrasive cleanser like Comet.
    • • Apply another high-pressure rinse to the whole garage floor.
    • • Use a squeegee or a broom to remove excess water.

A clean garage floor is only a few steps away and can be achieved with items you keep on hand at home. Remember to clean up spills immediately and be patient when addressing stains. The effort you put into the removal process will show through in the end.