Concrete Restoration Systems

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5 Steps to Concrete Restoration

  • STEP 1: Concrete Grinding

    Concrete GrindingThe baseline of any good concrete restoration job is grinding the concrete. This is a process where a resin-bond diamond abrasive is used to remove existing coatings. The concrete will be flattened and have a low sheen.

  • STEP 2: Apply Sealants and Densifier

    Apply Sealants and DensifierOnce the concrete has been ground, the concrete restoration project will require cracks and joints to be sealed. It’s at this stage that stains or dyes will be applied. Also, a concrete densifier will be added if needed.

  • STEP 3: Concrete Honing

    Concrete HoningThe honing process in concrete restoration is similar to the grinding process, but at a finer level. In this stage of the process, the surface sheen will begin to become brighter and more clear.

  • STEP 4: Concrete Polishing

    Concrete PolishingThe grinding machine will be brought out again, but this time, the concrete restoration effort will require a much finer resin grit than grinding or honing. As this step progresses, you will begin to see the concrete restoration come to life with a glass or mirror-like finish.

  • STEP 5: Finish

    FinishThe concrete restoration job is topped off with a final ultimate shine with a fine abrasive polishing. If desired, application of a stain guard can be applied to further protect the surface.

Concrete Restoration Factors

There are certain factors in the concrete that could have an effect on the quality or cost of the end product or the concrete restoration job.

  • Concrete imperfections
  • Levelness of the surface
  • Hardness of existing mastics, glues, or coatings
  • Trowel texture of concrete