How Durable Is Epoxy Flooring and Is It Scratch Resistant

If you are thinking about installing a durable floor, which would last for years, would resist scratches, and would cost you a very affordable price, then considerer Epoxy flooring. The Epoxy Floors are designed to take on huge amount of wear and tear, lots of pressure, and any kind of rough handling, and yet stay smooth, scratch resistant, and beautiful for years. There are some really good reasons to find epoxy flooring as an ideal solution for your garage floors. In fact floors of garages and showrooms where you expect heavy foots traffic and other pressures needs something really tough, durable and competitive as epoxy floors.

Why an epoxy floor resists scratches

An epoxy floor resists scratches because of the multiple layers of coatings. The floor gets several layers of coating while it is made. There are many layers of tough resins and hardeners used for building the floor, which are all extremely tough. Forget scratches, but the floor is too tough to even break or get any mark even after being impacted by falling of a heavy tool or item. When epoxy coating of more tough chemicals like urethane are applied then the floors get too hard and tough than even the normal epoxy floor.

Why an epoxy floor is the right fit for a garage

Epoxy floor is deemed the right fit for garage flooring because it can withstand heavy pressure and traffic, and still would not crack or break. It would endure high pressure of up to 10000 psi, and yet continue to serve for a minimum time period of 5 years. Normally this kind of Epoxy garage floor Houston is estimated to last for 5 to 10 years in the toughest case, and even more when you take care of them. Now coming to the care of the epoxy garage floor 77406 it’s really easy.

How to care for an epoxy floor

Caring for an Epoxy garage floor Houston TX is very easy. You simply need to mop it or wash it with plain water. That is why it’s so easy for maintenance in case cars and heavy vehicles constantly commute in a big garage. In case you need more cleanliness for tough stains or germs, you can mix ammonia with water, and that would be enough.