How Long Will Epoxy Floors Last?

Are you planning to get a coating for your garage floor? You need to make sure that the coating lasts for a long time as the last thing you would want is to have brittle flakes of paint peeling after just few months on painting. There are better options such as the Houston Epoxy Floors which can last for years as well as decades if installed properly.

About Epoxy Floor Lifespan

The Epoxy Floors in Houston are thick, multi-layered, and formulated to be resilient against grease, humidity, chemicals, and high-impact force. While the floor paint can wear or crack from the friction of car, age, and fade due to weather, the epoxy will sustain for several years. Many manufacturers also offer a lifetime warranty for residential use as they are so sure of their product. For commercial applications they offer a two-year warranty for making sure that the product has been formulated and installed correctly for environment at your business.

Why Do Epoxy Floors Last Longer?

If you are wondering that Epoxy Floors in 77406 can really last for a lifetime, the simple answer is they can only last for a lifetime when installed correctly. The longevity of epoxy floors depend in following factors:


You need to clean, repair, and diamond ground the concrete for getting the best and most even application.

Moisture Levels

The technician first needs to measure the moisture levels in concrete and air and them optimize the bonding coat for applying on surface.

Multiple Layers

If you buy an epoxy kit from the store with one-part paint or two-part epoxy, it will not bond and create the rubberize membrane and strengthened surface of the real epoxy floor. For best longevity, careful installation of the polymers and epoxy resin is essential.

Simple upkeep

The maintenance for an epoxy floor consists of only mopping and sweeping. Removing the dirt, grit, and spilled liquids will help in keeping up with the aesthetics and the surface quality.

Thus, how you apply and the product you choose determines the longevity of the epoxy floors.