Lava Flow Epoxy Coating: 5 Steps to Create a Unique Coating

Lava Flow Epoxy Coating

Lava flow epoxy is an interior graded coating system which would give you a metal look at the end along with lots of color options. It is essential that know everything accurately about the lava flow epoxy before getting it for epoxy garage floor in Houston TX.

This will provide you with all the information required by you, and you will get professional results. It will give a smooth glass-like finish to the epoxy garage floor in 77406 and also a subtle deflective metallic sparkle.

Checking the Floor Porosity

It is important for the floor to be clean so that the material can give the perfect shine to the epoxy garage floor in Houston. The floor needs to be porous as well, and you can check that by pouring water on the floor. If the concrete darkens then the floor is porous, and if not then a light grinding is recommended to open it up. This would provide you with the best adhesion to your epoxy solution.

Mixing the Primer

For the epoxy garage floor in 77406, firstly get a 5-gallon bucket to mix the primer in it. Before doing that pour the contents of the 4001 water-based epoxies A and B (fast primer/clear seal) into the clean bucket. Get a mixing drill and paddle to mix the epoxy in the bucket for 3 minutes.

This is an important part so take adequate time to mix it. Make sure that the location used for mixing is convenient and put a cloth under the bucket to avoid the mess.

Mixing the Lava Flow

As mentioned that mixing is an essential part, the mixing blade should have at least 400 revolutions per minute. For that mix two parts of the 4800 Epoxy A Component with 1 part of 4800 Epoxy B Component then one lava flow pigment pack to each 1.5 gallon kit and continue to mix for another 1-2 minutes.

Now it’s time to pour the material on the ground but with a 1/16 inch notch trowel or a squeegee. After this, you can use a roller to spread the mixture spread at the rate of 100 square feet per gallon. This would give the best results for your epoxy garage floor in Houston TX.