Maintaining Concrete Floors

maintaining concrete floors

Concrete floors have become the ideal choice when it comes to indoor flooring due to their durability and their ease of cleaning and maintenance. While it may seem that interior concrete floors may not need as much maintenance as carpeted floors, it still requires proper maintenance to last a long amount of time. How often you clean concrete floors entirely depends on how much traffic you have on it. Here are some concrete cleaning maintenance tips that will keep your concrete floor pristine for much longer:

  • Floor Sealer:If the floor is not polished, it is good to invest in a floor sealer. Using a paint roller, you can apply a layer of concrete sealant onto a clean surface easily. Start in the center of the floor and work your way out to the edges. The sealant can provide a protective layer over the floor that will not only make it last longer, but will also make it look better by giving it a nice shine. The floor should be resealed every 3 to 4 years in order to maintain the floor’s protection.
  • Floor Wax:To give your concrete floor an extra layer of protection, a commercial-grade floor wax is the way to go. Floor wax is easy to apply, even if you need a touch up. It can also preserve the life of floor sealers.
  • Floor Mats:Using floor mats at entrances and exits can prolong the life of your concrete floor by eliminating the likelihood of scratches and scuffs from foot traffic.
  • Cleaning Stains:If there is a stain or mess, try to avoid using harsh cleaners. Instead, use cleaning solutions that are recommended by the floor’s manufacturer or contractor.
  • Basic Maintenance:For basic maintenance, use a broom to sweep away any loose debris or dust. For mopping, you only need about a gallon of warm water and a small amount of dish soap or mild cleaner. Avoid using harsh substances like ammonia or bleach as this may damage the concrete finish.