Make Your Floors Come Alive with Lava Flow Metallic Epoxy Colors 

Lava flow metallic epoxy colors are the best way to liven up your house. Ideally, the colors allow designers to manipulate the look of your floor to conform to your tastes and preferences. Doing it yourself is not the worst idea the is. However, if you want to have the best results, consulting a professional installed of epoxy floors colors in Houston, TX is the best idea. The professionals are best placed at using different application techniques, which is how they achieve varying decorative effects on floors.

Application of Lava Flow Metallics Epoxy Colors

The application of lava flow metallics is an easy process. First, you will need a primer that will help set the foundation for the application of the lava flow metallics. From here, all you need to do is pour the metallic coating on your target surface, then use a roller to spread it all over with random back and forth motions. The beauty of this flooring is that you do not need to worry about the evenness and leveling. The metallic coating is self-leveling, making your application process even simpler.

The better news is that you do not need a top coating to complete the application of your flooring system. However, as the metallic coating begins to set, use denatured alcohol to disperse the metallic effect better. Once everything is properly set and the flooring has cured, it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to apply a topcoat. Even while a top coat is not necessary, it gives your floors a glossier finish while boosting scuff resistance.

Why Do People Choose Lava Flow Metallics?

Different flooring options exist that can allow you to explore the varying dimensions of design. However, not many pay attention to the unpredictability of other options. Much as there are patterns and colors to allow for different designs, the results are often unpredictable, as is the case of concrete stains. It is, therefore, safe to say that lava flow metallics offer predictable and consistent results for flooring systems. This features as one of the main reasons why clients look for epoxy floors colors in Richmond, TX, for the installation of lava flow metallics. Other than that, other selling points of this flooring system include:

  • Swiftness in installation – lava flow metallics are the simplest and easiest to install. Less labor is involved in applying these flooring systems than is used in other types of flooring.
  • Cosmetic advantage – the decorative effects of this flooring system will light up a room. If you are needing to revamp the décor of your home, perhaps the only hack you need is to improve your floors with lava flow metallics.
  • 3D look – the unique feature about this flooring option is the ability to present a deeper 3D look than the actual reality. The high-grade metallic system has a provision that ensures a better disperse of the material. Ideally, what this means is that the epoxy colors flow proficiently throughout the surface. You may not even have to worry about evening things out, because the flooring system is self-leveling. This even distribution is what results in the 3D look of your surfaces.
  • Addition of color – if you want to integrate a different color in your flooring system, you can achieve it effortlessly. All you need is to get your choice of color separately, and then add it to the epoxy base and mix well.
  • Contemporary modern look – the value of your house will be improved when you use this flooring option. The metallic gloss will elevate the décor of your home, giving you a contemporary look that you would desire.
  • The versatility of use – this flooring option can be sued for different floors in your home, ranging from the kitchen to your dining area and bathrooms. Other business places like nightclubs and restaurants have also been known to love these types of flooring.
  • Durability – this flooring is long-lasting because of its application process. The primer ensures a sturdy foundation of the flooring. Besides, for homeowners who choose to use a protective topcoat, it increases the longevity of the flooring, given that it resists abrasion even better.