Preparing Your Floor for a New Epoxy Coating

Whether you are updating your epoxy floor with a fresh coat, or adding a new epoxy coating over your current hard-surface floor, preparing your floor before the treatment is extremely important. Done correctly, your new epoxy-coated floor will last for a very long time with regular upkeep and maintenance.

Preparing Your Floor for a New Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Floors

If you are simply trying to update your old epoxy floor coating by adding a fresh coat of epoxy, there is a different method of preparing the floor for treatment, depending on your current floor’s condition. If you are seeing signs of your epoxy floor starting to lift, try to remove the old coating the best you can. Next, use a grinder to sand down the remaining areas so it can better stick to the new epoxy coating.

If you see that your current epoxy floor is not showing signs of lifting, you will not have to remove the old coating. Instead, lightly sand and then remove excess debris from the entire area so it better receives the new epoxy coating.

Linoleum (Sheet Vinyl) Floors

If you have linoleum—also known as sheet vinyl—floors, it’s easy to add an epoxy treatment to the current floor as long as the linoleum is securely attached to the concrete underneath. In other words, there should be no signs of peeling around any section of the floor.

To prepare a linoleum floor for epoxy coating, it must first be sanded down so it then has a rougher or more textured profile. This is so the epoxy has a viable surface to stick to. Make sure the excess debris from sanding is swept or rinsed away before the epoxy coating is added.

Wood Floors

Before an epoxy coating is added to a wooden floor, you must first make sure the surface is sealed and primed to allow the right adhesion to the epoxy. The sealant will protect the wood against moisture that would otherwise affect the wood and in turn the epoxy coating. The primer will allow the epoxy coating to stick better to the surface.

Ceramic Tile and Fiberglass Floors

Before an epoxy coating is applied to a ceramic tile or fiberglass floor, first thoroughly sweep, then wash the area with soap and water. Make sure you allow the floor to dry before moving on to the next step. Similarly to wooden floors, ceramic tile and fiberglass floors must be primed so that the epoxy properly sticks to the surface.