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Professional Industrial Concrete Flooring Systems | Katy TX

Epoxy Technology Coatings’ Katy, TX industrial concrete flooring systems consist of turning your floors into beautiful surfaces that will be able to withstand nearly anything. Industrial shop floors can take quite a beating. In that case, you need something that can withstand things like heavy materials and tools falling on it, the occasional chemical and oil spills, and anything else you may put your floors through.

When you come to us, we can provide floors made of epoxy that will last through the many years of beatings your floor takes and still look amazing. We have hundreds of color options to choose from to meet your needs. We work efficiently so you can get your business back up and operating, but we take the time to ensure things are done correctly.

Epoxy is a challenging substance to work with, and it is important that we do not cut corners just to speed up the process. Therefore, you can be sure that we have the experience necessary and an efficient system in place to create high-quality epoxy flooring in a reasonable amount of time.

Additionally, we can come to you for a free consultation. We can give you an estimation of how long it may take and the cost. Factors such as the amount of prep work, size of the space, and specific needs will all be taken into account. Feel free to visit us. We have three locationsone in Richmond and two in Houston, or you may give us a call. Epoxy Technology Coatings has the best Katy, TX industrial concrete flooring systems in the greater Houston area.

Katy, TX industrial concrete flooring systems

Over the years, we have perfected our Katy, TX industrial concrete flooring systems to bring you the best results.

Benefits of Our Katy, TX Industrial Concrete Flooring Systems

Creating flooring that can hold up in an industrial shop and still look great throughout the years is a bit of an art. It is a craft that can take many years to hone, and not everyone can say they are an expert at it.

Epoxy, as we said, is a challenging medium, and if it is not done correctly, it can look awful. Epoxy is a thick substance and can produce a lot of air bubbles. It can also crack or flake if surfaces are not prepared properly. Plus, if there is any bit of dust, dust dirt, or staining on the original flooring, it can show through and completely ruin the look.

However, if the epoxy floor is installed correctly, it can look absolutely amazing, and it has some incredible benefits, such as slip resistance, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. It is one of the easiest floors to maintain, and without protective coating products, you can still use cleaners and degreasers without ruining the integrity of the epoxy.

You can also get many different styles and colors with epoxy. We can tint the epoxy nearly any color your want and add paint flakes to add texture to your floor and disguise dirt and dust.

There are so many great benefits to epoxy flooring, and it can look really good. However, whoever you choose to hire, you want to ensure that the contractors know what they are doing.

Epoxy is all we do, and we have been in this type of flooring business since 2005. We have worked in all types of commercial spaces and residential spaces. We have come across many challenges that each space presents, and we have been able to meet almost every single need in the area. Over the years, we have been able to create a system that allows us to work with this type of material quickly and successfully. To see our past work, take a look at our before and after photos.

When you hire Epoxy Technology Coatings, you are hiring a company that takes its job seriously. Our team shows up to a job ready to work, and we do not stop until the job is complete.

Katy, TX industrial concrete flooring systems

Our high-gloss coating can reflect light to brighten up your space without additional lighting.

What Our Services Include

After we get the go-ahead from a client, one of the first things we do is go over exactly what the client is looking for. We talk about specific colors, whether or not they want to add flakes, any areas they want to cover, the type of gloss they want, and any special areas that they want marked.

We can do main shop floors, hallways, offices, storage spaces, and just about any other type of space with a floor. We can cover a multitude of surfaces, including wood, concrete, tile, stone, and many others.

If there are any cracks, dents, staining, or pitting in the floors, we can provide minor repairs to the floors so that it does not interfere with the epoxy. We make sure that your floor is completely clean and free of dust, dirt, hair, metal shavings, stains, and anything else that may need cleaning. This step is worth taking the extra bit of time to do. The better your floors are prepared, the better the end results will be.

As we’ve mentioned previously, we can add tints of any color you want, including custom colors to match logos, favorite teams, etc. Additionally, we can add paint chips of varying sizes and colors. Take a look at the different options we have available.

If you need a special area marked off, we can use specific colors to designate safety areas, loading and unloading, smoking areas, designated driveways, and anything else you may need. Whatever you need for your shop, we will do everything in our power to make it happen.

Contact Us Today

If you want a company that knows how to deliver a high-quality floor in an adequate amount of time that will look great and last a long time, then you need to contact Epoxy Technology Coatings. We have exactly what you are looking for and so much more.

Our customer service is always ready and available to take your call and answer all your questions. No other flooring company has Katy, TX industrial concrete flooring systems like Epoxy Technology Coatings.

Katy, TX industrial concrete flooring systems

Contact Epoxy Technology Coatings today.

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