Questions About Epoxy Floor Coatings? We’ve Got the Answers

Questions About Epoxy Floor Coatings?  We’ve Got the Answers

Epoxy is the best choice as an overlay material for the resurfacing of a concrete floor in commercial and residential uses. All concrete will break down over time and is susceptible to cracks and chips.

The epoxy flooring team at Epoxy Floors, located near you in Houston, Texas, applies the latest technology in epoxy materials and coatings. The professionals and want to answer the 3 common questions about the preparation for, and application of, an epoxy coating.

How Should I Prepare for the Arrival of the Epoxy Specialist?

All items on the concrete floor, like vehicles, shelving and storage containers, need to be removed. You must also be prepared to stay off of the floor at least a few days.

The type of epoxy, the use of the area and the temperature of the facility will determine the drying time.

For the best results, the floor must be swept out as best as possible.

Will the Condition of the Concrete Affect the Epoxy Coating?

The concrete floor will need to be prepared before the coating is applied. In addition to your cleaning and sweeping, the epoxy professionals will remove any remaining dirt and dust and will repair any cracks and defects.

Is the Epoxy Coating Slippery?

Normally, epoxy coatings are no more slippery than wet concrete. However, there is a non-slip option for the coating. The non-slip, tiny bumped, texture can be added to the coating to prevent slips and falls.

Depending upon the exposure to foot traffic and operations, an epoxy coating could last as long as 10 years. The coating is also resistant to damage and stains.

If you would like a consultation regarding an epoxy coating for your garage, workshop or warehouse facility, then please call the professional flooring team at Epoxy Floors. These professionals are proud of their attention to detail and their delivery of a quality product. All scopes of service are based upon the needs and expectations of the customer.

Epoxy Floors is trusted and highly recommended in the Houston area for advice and the application of the epoxy coating technology appropriate for your use.