Sealing Cracks with Epoxy Coating


Fixing cracked concrete floors can be a daunting task if you’ve never attempted it before. Luckily, epoxy floor coating makes it easy to fix cracks, whether it be in your basement or garage flooring. Epoxy can keep water out of any crevices and prevent cracks from getting any bigger. If you think epoxy is right for you, here’s how to seal your concrete cracks using epoxy.

1. Prepare the floor.

The crack must first be prepared so the epoxy can stick. If you notice any loose edges, break them off using a chisel. The stronger the concrete, the better the epoxy will hold. Thoroughly clean the area of any dirt or debris, either using a vacuum or a power washer. It’s important that the concrete be as clean as possible in order for the epoxy to properly adhere to it.

2. Fill the crack.

The next step in concrete crack repair is to fill the crack with the epoxy. Follow the instructions on the package of epoxy you purchase, as different brands may require different preparation. You may need to mix it first. With some brands, you may need to fill the crack partway with silt or sand first. Be sure you have the proper materials on hand before you begin.

3. Let it cure.

Don’t be fooled by appearances—while the area may appear to have hardened in a matter of hours, epoxy can take up to a week to fully cure. Be sure that nothing disturbs the area while the material sets. Once it’s finished curing, you can either grind or sand the area so that it’s smooth.

While epoxy coating is a great way to fix cracks, your best option is to outfit your garage or other high-traffic areas with epoxy flooring. Our experts are always happy to answer any questions you might have or to give you a quote. For durable epoxy floors that stand the test of time, contact us today!