Solve Your Insect Problems with Epoxy

Solve Your Insect Problems with Epoxy

Insects can be a significant problem indoors, whether inside a residential home or a commercial business like a restaurant. The ideal, warm environment and the lack of the elements indoors allows a perfect safe haven for bugs, and the food makes it all the more enticing. While pest control is an option for removing pests inside the home or business, the type of floor you have can also play a significant role in reducing your insect problems. Epoxy flooring can actually help defend your home or business against intruding insects, and here’s how:

1. Blocks Insects Out

One of the easiest ways to get rid of pests is to prevent them from entering the property in the first place. Epoxy floors and epoxy coverings can help with that! Epoxy floors are non-porous and completely seals pipes, wires, drains, or anything else that stick out from the floor, blocking insects from any way of entrance to the home or building.

2.Removes Insect Habitats

Because epoxy floors are seamless, they help eliminate all signs of small cracks and crevices in the floor that normally allow safe places for pests to hide and crawl without detection. At the same time, epoxy floors and coverings provide a waterproof seal, which prevents water from seeping into the floor’s base that would normally attract bugs.

3.Less Inviting to Insects

A floor with cracks and crevices has a higher chance of trapping small food particles that end up serving as a source of sustenance for insects. Epoxy floors eliminate these crevices to prevent food particles from becoming trapped. In addition, epoxy floors are easy to clean, so if there are signs of food or waste on the floor, it is easy to spot and clean immediately.

4. Makes Pest Control Treatments More Effective

Epoxy floors eliminate cracks and are easy to clean, reducing the amount of pesticides you need to use to remove pests. In addition, any treatments that are used to eliminate bugs will work more effectively since all other aspects of your floor that may attract insects are resolved by the epoxy.