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Superior Industrial Epoxy Flooring Service | Katy, TX

If you are looking for a professional Katy, TX industrial epoxy flooring service, Epoxy Technology Coatings has what you are looking for. Since 2005, we have been installing epoxy flooring for all kinds of commercial spaces and even residential spaces. We are highly experienced and are experts at installing epoxy flooring. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation for our Katy, TX industrial epoxy flooring service.

Katy, TX industrial epoxy flooring service

For a professional Katy, TX industrial epoxy flooring service, call Epoxy Technology Coatings today.

Our Katy, TX Industrial Epoxy Flooring Service Stands Out From The Rest

There are many epoxy flooring services in the area. Many of them provide similar services to what we provide, and we are almost certain we are not the first epoxy flooring company you have come across. So what makes us so different?

What we believe makes us stand out from the rest is our ability to work with nearly any space we come across. We deal with many different types of spaces that all come with their own challenges.

There can be permanent fixtures that we have to work around. The original flooring is not always in the best condition and needs minor repairs and a heavy amount of prep work. Plus, working with epoxy is challenging. It has to be mixed properly in order for it to cure the way you want it to.

Epoxy is a thick substance that can be messy to work with. It can produce a lot of bubbles that can ruin the look of the flooring once it cures. Moreover, it can be a little dangerous as it can produce fumes if the area is not properly ventilated.

Over the years, Epoxy Technology Coatings has developed a system that continues to improve the more we practice it. Our system set in place allows us to efficiently overcome all the different challenges each job comes with. One of the biggest challenges we face with epoxy is time.

It takes a long time to effectively do what we do. It takes time to properly prepare the flooring, it takes time to pour the epoxy evenly without creating imperfections, and it takes time for it to cure properly. But we have developed a way to do all of this in a reasonably short amount of time so that our clients can get back to running their businesses without massive renovation interruptions, all while ensuring the highest quality results.

If you are looking for a company that can provide durable floors that look great in a timely manner, then Epoxy Technology Coatings is the company you need.

Katy, TX industrial epoxy flooring service

Many places have structures permanently stuck in the ground that are challenging to work around.

What We Can Do For You

Upon calling us, we can provide a free consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss a brief overview of what you are looking for. We will survey the area to see how large the space is and estimate how much time it will take. We will also be able to tell you how much it will all cost.

We will not start work until you give us the okay to do so. This will give you the option to look at other options if you wish and compare prices. You can also see for yourself what we can accomplish by looking at our before and after photos. We are more than confident, however, that you will love what we have to offer.

If you do choose our services, we will start by going into more detail about what it is you are looking for and what we are capable of. We can discuss colors, special areas you want to be marked off, types of gloss coating, and other details. Once we finalize the details of your criteria, we will start working immediately.

One of the first things we have to do before we start pouring the epoxy is to prepare the surface. We stated previously, prepping can take time, especially if the original flooring needs repairs. We can provide minor repairs such as filling in holes, cleaning off stains, and leveling out surfaces. We will also ensure the surface is completely clean from dust, dirt, debris, and anything else that can ruin the final look of your floors.

Once the floor has properly been prepared, we can start with the epoxy process. This process includes going over the floor with an abrasive material, laying down a primer coating, and then starting with a base coat. It is at this stage we can add the color-tinted epoxy and add flakes if you wish.

From there, we will coat the floor with a protective coating that offers resistance to chemicals, heat, slipping, stains, and impact. We also have a gloss coating that comes in matte, medium, and high gloss. The high gloss coat is great for brightening up dark spaces.

Colors and Flakes

Epoxy Technology Coatings can create any color you wish. We have two hundred premixed colors already; however, if there is a specific color you are looking for, we can match it. We can also broadcast flakes into the epoxy, which can add texture and depth to the floor.

Flakes come in varying sizes and colors, and we can broadcast as many or as few flakes as you desire. Please take a look at some of the options we offer. These are only examples and do not fully display everything we offer.

Contact Us Today

If you are looking to improve the look of your business with a product that will last a long time and add value to your business, then check out our services at Epoxy Technology Coatings. We can make any space look brighter, more welcoming, and more professional. Many shops can look old and dingy simply because their flooring is lacking. But with our services, you can make your business look new again.

Epoxy Technology Coatings has three locations, including one in Richmond. Feel free to visit us or call for more information about our Katy, TX industrial epoxy flooring service.

Katy, TX industrial epoxy flooring service

Our experience and skill with epoxy will leave your shop looking amazing and lasting a long time.

Fun Facts for Katy, TX 

  • Katy first held its Rice Festival back in 1981.
  • In 1900, Katy was nearly completely destroyed due to one of the biggest hurricanes in Texas history.
  • The downtown area is commonly referred to as Old Town Katy.