The Benefits of Residential Epoxy Flooring

Homeowners often need to juggle numerous responsibilities, including caring for the lawn, managing appliances and maintenance, and improving elements of their home. For residence owners in Richmond, TX, one way to improve the durability of their home, limit maintenance requirements, and improve the appearance of the floor is by investing in residential epoxy flooring.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy is a broad term that refers to a class of materials made by combining two different substances called resins and hardeners. When these are mixed together, they form a hard, rigid plastic that is extremely durable called epoxy. Epoxy is a recent creation of the 20th century and has been rapidly adapted to a variety of industrial and commercial applications. However, more and more businesses are now making it possible for residential property owners to enjoy the benefits as well.

The Benefits of Residential Application

As mentioned before, epoxy is a highly durable substance. One of its most common applications is as a floor coating for high traffic areas that are exposed to incredible amounts of heat, pressure, or weight. For example, it is common to find epoxy floors in warehouses and commercial garages where machines like forklifts and trucks need to drivers frequently.

Few realize epoxy can also be used at home in locations like garages, which are exposed to immense amounts of strain. The garage experiences pressure from vehicles, frequent stains, and spills from lawn and automotive equipment, and even heat from the hot Texas summers.

When an epoxy coating is added to a residential garage, the homeowners get to experience benefits like heat resistance, durability, stain resistance, dent resistance, crack resistance, and a non-slip surface. All of these can be crafted by the commercial manufacturer of the epoxy, who can change the formula to suit your needs and desires.

Types of Residential Epoxy Flooring

Because epoxy is a broad term, there are actually multiple types you can choose from when requesting a coating for your garage or home. These are self-leveling, epoxy mortar, quartz-filled, anti-static, and epoxy flake.

A self-leveling epoxy floor can be applied over preexisting concrete and is excellent at repairing surface weaknesses like cracks and dents. The material creates a seamless and durable finish which will improve the function and appearance of a tired garage floor. Self-leveling is available in multiple colors for extra design points.

An epoxy mortar floor the strongest variety available and is intended to be highly durable and resistant to damage from all types of situations, including pressure, weight, and falling objects. It’s even chemical resistant and resists staining and burning, making it ideal for a busy garage where a lot of work is performed.

Anti-static epoxy floors are designed for work environments. The epoxy material is conductive and grounds or dissipates any electrical charge to resist the chances of static buildup. It is often used in hospitals but can be great for residential homes.

Quartz-filled and epoxy flake floors are some of the most common in homes. These residential epoxy flooring options are popular in Richmond, TX because they incorporate the durability of the epoxy with the beauty of quartz or glittering paint flakes that add pops of color and a shimmery finish to your garage.

How to Install Epoxy

The average individual is not qualified to lay an epoxy floor coating and might not be able to acquire the materials. If you are seeking residential epoxy flooring in Richmond, TX, consider contacting a professional contractor in your area like E-Tech Houston. The trained technicians will examine your current situation, provide an estimate about the materials needed and duration of the project, and will then prepare your floor to accept the epoxy. The traditional application can be completed in less than two weeks, but situations vary.


Residential epoxy flooring is ideal for individuals of all backgrounds. The material is highly durable and helps reduce maintenance requirements while improving the appearance and functionality of the home, making it increasingly popular in the neighborhoods of Richmond, TX. If you are interested in trying out this material, contact E-Tech Houston today to schedule an appointment and consultation with one of our seasoned professionals.