The Best Ways to Search for Epoxy Floor Coating Providers


Recently, Angie’s List has altered they way top service providers are displayed to customers in their area. It is no longer possible to access past customer reviews, even though some providers have been receiving comments for over a decade.  The only way service providers can get around this block is to pay to advertise on Angie’s List.

Search options for garage floor coating Houston

Garage floor coatings companies can utilize platforms like Bing or Google and achieve the same results or better. There are many more reviews for epoxy floor coating services listed on Facebook, Yelp and Google because providers aren’t required to pay a monthly or yearly fee to advertise. for epoxy floor coating providers

If you prefer to use a site that is specifically geared toward finding an epoxy floor coating contractor, many homeowners use, previously known as ServiceMagic.  This services doesn’t hide contractor reviews and nor does it charge users to search the website.

Changes in Angie’s List

Angie’s List offers reasons why the new structure will benefit both service providers and consumers.  However, it has been reported by providers who specialize in garage floor coating in Houston, the change hasn’t boosted the flow of new inquiries.  The Angie’s List service made sense in 1995, but not now. Why pay for the same results you can get for free?

Granted, the subscription-based platform is now free for consumers, but epoxy floor coating providers have to pay for their profile plus consumer access to reviews.

Even though you can view every possible review on Angie’s List, you can access other search engines and social media platforms to look for epoxy floor coating experts in your area.  A good place to start is by using the following search strings and adding the closest city to the phrase:

  • Garage floor coating Houston
  • Garage floor paint Houston
  • Garage floor epoxy Houston
  • Basement floor coatings Houston
  • Basement floor paint Houston
  • Commercial floor coatings Houston