The Reasons Why Business Owners Prefer Epoxy for Flooring

To understand why many business owners prefer using epoxy flooring over other materials, it’s necessary to know just what epoxy is. Epoxy is a material made from a specific class of synthetic thermosetting polymers that contains an epoxide. In other words, it is a substance developed by mixing a resin with a hardener to create a rigid plastic material that is versatile, damage-resistant, and easy to clean. Flooring made from epoxy outshines its competition by being extremely strong and difficult to crack, fracture, or otherwise damaged. It can also be used as a coating.

There are three main reasons why business owners prefer to use epoxy when flooring any type of commercial venue: its strength, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.



Epoxy can be applied as the main material used to create a floor, or it can be added as a coating. It is more common to see it as a coating in garages and other residential floorings, especially in hot climates like Houston. The epoxy forms a durable and protective layer that is resistant to the elements, meaning it is not easily damaged.

Business owners will often pick epoxy because the floors don’t crack under the weight of vehicles or high foot track. The surface does not become slippery and slick when worn down, and it also manages to resist scuffing and cracking from shocking impacts. If someone were to drop a brick on the floor, it wouldn’t even make a dent or leave a mark.

When dry, epoxy flooring can resist temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, making the substance ideal for commercial and industrial businesses. Doors can be left open on hot days or machinery can be whirring, and the material won’t care. Cleaning chemicals also don’t affect, and water won’t cause rot or decay to form.


Epoxy is a highly efficient flooring material because it does not need to be replaced often. It offers a membrane-like coating that is capable of resisting up to 10,000 pounds of weight without cracking, so business owners can run machines like forklifts without having to worry about potential damage or sliding.

Epoxy is efficient because it is easy to maintain. It doesn’t form any particles, so business owners don’t have to worry about generating dust or debris common in other options like concrete. Almost all cleaning chemicals can be used on the synthetic coating without any effect as well, and there are no special conditions to adhere to. Epoxy is also safe and visible. The surface is not slick and doesn’t pose a hazard like some other popular materials like tile. It has also been shown to improve visibility, especially in large open spaces like warehouses. Employees can work with fewer risks to themselves, allowing for a faster and more efficient workplace.


Epoxy is a surprisingly cost-effective choice for businesses. Whether an owner wants to create an entire floor out of the material or is just seeking a coating, the overall costs are surprisingly minimal. Business owners don’t have to worry about pulling up older materials like concrete, tile, or even wood. Instead, the epoxy can be laid, and the business automatically receives all of the benefits mentioned above.

Even if someone chooses to get an entire floor made of epoxy, the expense is still minimal. Because epoxy is simple to make – for a professional – it can be bought for a low price and then applied. The main cost tends to be labor since the flooring needs to be applied correctly.

Plus, epoxy is eco-friendly, so it is unlikely to experience future green taxes and expenses.


Where to Get Epoxy Flooring

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