Tips For Avoiding Mysterious Lumps and Bumps on Epoxy Floors

It is common for the contractors who are trying their hand at decorative flooring to deliver a mirror finish that the clients usually expect. If you want self levelling epoxy floor coating, here’s a look at some tips:

  • Flat floor surface

The first prerequisite of a smooth finish is to have a flat floor. You may be wondering that since the product is self levelling, why you need a flat floor. A thin floor of a few milimeters will not smoothen out the even surface. A cementitious self levelling compound may work on an uneven surface but resin floor don’t work that way.

  • Use the required quantity

You must never compromise with the required product quantity or thickness. If you want great epoxy garage floors in Houston, you need at least 2 mm film and you can also go for 3 mm. The thinner the coating used, the higher the chances of lumps and bumps.

  • Using clean tools

One of the red signs is using dirty tools for application as it will not offer the required finishing. Avoid using notched trowels or spiked shoes as you can’t expect the epoxy to magically close and fill up the problem with the floor caused by the tools displacing the epoxy.

  • Sealing the surface

Bubbles are always an issue with the self-leveling floors and you can’t expect the spiked roller to solve the problem. For preventing the issue from arising, you need to make sure that the surface is well primed and sealed with 2 coats.

  • Take care of the surroundings

You need to make sure that the working area is as dust-free and sterile as possible. Close all the windows and shake the dust off the shelves. You must also vacuum clean the place and wipe down with solvent. The last thing you want is trapped debris on a smooth floor. Avoid the entry of random people while the work is being done as they carry dust and dirt with them. You should also avoid applying the Epoxy Technology Coatings of Houston in cold temperatures.