Why is Epoxy the best option to Commercial Flooring?

What are the types of flooring available in the market?

Flooring is an integral part of the building process. It needs durability so that it can run for a long time. Some of the flooring options are:

  • Terrazzo: Terrazzo is one of the most aesthetically versatile products leading on durability. It is mainly used for showrooms, high-end office spaces and entranceways. Though popular yet the material and installation costs are too high and not fitting for low budget application. It is more suited for airports or showrooms where there is high traffic of people. With the chic look and friendly flooring, its durability is quite reliable.
  • Quarry tile: It is mostly used for kitchen floors as it can withstand spills and grease build-up. These tiles are made from hard-fired clay and thus are quite cheap along with being durable. If installed properly and maintained well it can last a lifetime or as long as you need. Cleaning the floor daily is a must and the worn-out portions need to be replaced as and when required. Though it’s cost-effective and durable, it doesn’t offer varied designs. It comes in a limited range of color and patterns.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT): In recent times, LVT has become a rage. It is quite popular for high traffic areas like upscale hospitals or restaurants. With a varied option in design and the price versatility, makes it one of the most popular commercial flooring option. It is durable more flexible and aesthetically appealing. People change their LVT only for designs and not for any complaints in the flooring system.
  • Carpet Tiles: They are used in soft surface flooring market as they function on broadloom carpets. Though expensive, yet they are easy to replace. It is cost-effective to replace a carpet tile in comparison to replacing an entire roll of broadloom. They are mostly water-proof and needs regular cleaning and vacuuming. And it can be replaced on sections as they wear out from time to time.
  • Rubber Flooring: They are not only durable but also absorb sound and are slip-resistant and thus go well for hospitals and gym. They are quite durable, soundproof and their custom designs of cushioned flooring prevent fatigue for the customers and employees as they walk. Though easy to install, yet the smell of rubber lingers on for a longer period and the limited design offers to make it for utility pro than aesthetic aspects.
  • Epoxy Flooring: Epoxy is technically mixing certain materials together like resin and hardener chemically to give it a rigid plastic look. The end product is quite strong, durable, and wear-resistant and bonds well to the base layers of a floor. The thermosetting resin is applied directly to the moisture treated concrete slab. And the epoxy coating on top makes the floor tough for abrasions, foot traffic and spills.

It is a cost-effective, versatile and durable product and so is befitting to the flooring of any kind commercial to industrial. Auto shop, Airplane hangars, Commercial, Industrial Epoxy floors are quite common and popular. However, it must be installed correctly for the proper use of the advantages. The concrete area needs to be cleaned thoroughly and the cracks should be filled with urethane before applying the epoxy coating. If applied before the preparation, it is probable to fall off easily. If you are looking for best Commercial Flooring in Houston, then visit Epoxy Floors in Houston, TX for a complete solution to the floors.

Key Features

  • Hygienic
  • High mechanical strength
  • Super chemical resistance
  • Jointless flooring and thus gives a natural look
  • Easily cleaned
  • Hard wear and tear and antiskid properties.

It is highly recommended for floorings of garages, factories, laboratories, aircraft hangars dairies etc.

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