November 6, 2023

Best Epoxy Flooring Company | Clear Lake, TX

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We’re proud to be the best epoxy flooring company Clear Lake, TX here at Epoxy Technology Coatings. Our team works hard to make sure that all of our clients get excellent services at reasonable costs. We think that every residential flooring system should not only be strong and last a long time but also look good.

Over the years we’ve been in the flooring business, we’ve successfully put a lot of epoxy flooring systems in homes, which has made us a well-known name in the field. We are known as the best epoxy flooring company, in large part because we specialize in epoxy coating. Call us at our Houston location!

best epoxy flooring company Clear Lake, TX

We are here to clear up any misconceptions about epoxy flooring. We are the best epoxy flooring company around!

How Can the Best Epoxy Flooring Company Clear Lake, TX Help?

Epoxy flooring is one of a kind and has been getting more and more famous over time. After the concrete floor has been smoothed and cleaned, epoxy glue is put on it. It will turn into a hard, plastic floor because of the chemical process.

Why do we like epoxy flooring at Epoxy Technology Coatings? Because it has so many benefits. It’s known for being long-lasting and resistant to normal wear and tear, which makes it perfect for places with a lot of foot traffic.

The epoxy flooring comes in many colors and styles and has a high-gloss finish. Think about epoxy flooring from the best epoxy flooring company Clear Lake, TX if you want a reliable, attractive, and long-lasting flooring choice.

What Kind of Epoxy Flooring Do We Install?

We do a lot of different kinds of epoxy flooring, such as metallic epoxy flooring, blended flake epoxy flooring, and solid epoxy flooring. Before starting work, our team makes sure to do a full site check to find any problems that might affect how long the epoxy coating lasts and how well it works.

For garage floors, we use a high-performance epoxy finish that can stand up to the rough conditions that are common in this area. The surface that was made is strong and won’t stain or get wet easily, so it’s easy to clean and keep up.

Our decorative epoxy flooring is a great choice if you want to add a creative touch. It can effectively improve the look of any room thanks to its unique and varied patterns.

If you want to add a touch of luxury, the metallic epoxy floor is a great option. For this type of epoxy floor, a metallic pigment is mixed into the epoxy to make a surface that looks like waves, lava flow, and other flowing patterns.

best epoxy flooring company Clear Lake, TX

Choose the best epoxy flooring company!

How Do We Install Your Epoxy Flooring?

It is important to find the best epoxy flooring company if you want your floors to last and work well. We at Epoxy Technology Coatings are committed to giving you the best epoxy paints. To get the best results, we use high-quality products and accurate installation methods.

Our team pays close attention to every little thing and makes sure that every job is finished to the highest standards and to the satisfaction of our customers. We’re also proud of our great customer service and work hard to find the best flooring options for you.

The first step toward a new epoxy floor is a full consultation. Our team takes the time to learn about your wants and needs, as well as your income and the things you normally do in your spare time. This in-depth conversation helps us come up with an answer that will work well in your home.

Once we know what you want, we can move on to the next important step, which is evaluation. Our epoxy experts will go to the spot to check out how the concrete slab is doing right now. We will look at any possible factors that might affect how well the epoxy is applied, such as any cracks that are already there, the amount of moisture in the concrete, and its general condition.

After we’ve looked at and measured the room, we can start making the real plans. In this step, the floor is cleaned very well to get rid of any dirt, oil, or grease that is still there, and any cracks or holes that can be seen are fixed. Additionally, we sand and grind the concrete surface to make it more porous. This helps the epoxy glue stick to the concrete better.

After the floor is completely cleaned and ready, the concrete floor coating is put down. We start the process by adding an epoxy primer, which seals the surface and makes sure the epoxy coating sticks better. Once the primer coat was dry, we put down the epoxy flooring one part at a time to make sure everything was done correctly and consistently.

During this step, we may add decorative flakes or pigments based on the pattern you chose. It is important to mix the epoxy resin and hardener in the right amounts so that they combine chemically and turn the fluid into a hard, solid floor.

The curing step is the last part of the process. The glue may not be fully set for up to 72 hours. After the floor has dried, our team will do one last check to make sure it meets our high standards and your needs. We look for any flaws and make sure the end result is a floor that is smooth and uniform, as well as beautiful and long-lasting.

best epoxy flooring company Clear Lake, TX

Our epoxy floor installers can recommend the beautiful colors and designs we have to offer. Get our best epoxy flooring company today!

Choose the Best Epoxy Flooring Company

Together, our unshakable dedication to providing excellent service and cutting-edge flooring technology set us apart as the best epoxy flooring company has to offer. We’re grateful that our customers trust us, and we work hard to go above and beyond their standards by giving them great epoxy flooring solutions that last.

When you work with Epoxy Technology Coatings, we promise that your epoxy flooring will not only last and be strong but it will also make your home look better.

It shouldn’t be hard to pick out the right concrete flooring. We make it easy for you by giving you professional help, top-notch services, and open hours. With our concrete flooring options, you can change the look of your home.

Be sure only to trust the pros. You can trust Epoxy Technology Coatings. Because when you choose us, you don’t just get a service; you get a promise of hard work and success.

Fun Facts About Clear Lake, TX:

  • NASA’s (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Johnson Space Center (JSC) is located in Clear Lake.
  • Clear Lake has the Armand Bayou Nature Center, which is one of the biggest urban wilderness preserves in the US.
  • Clear Lake is in Houston’s Bay Area, which includes a lot of neighborhoods that are right on Clear Lake and Galveston Bay.