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Cinco Ranch TX Concrete Resurfacing

Are you searching up where to find Cinco Ranch TX concrete resurfacing professionals? Do you have surface-level wear on your concrete that you want to go? Perhaps you want a fresher look for your driveway or the pavement in and around your building. The experts at Epoxy Technology Coatings can help you with the problems you may have with your damaged concrete.

Concrete’s durability ranks the highest among flooring options and is used in many locations. However, although it may last the longest against the test of time, time will usually win out. Exposing your concrete to the elements, foot and vehicle traffic, or even the occasional chemical mishap can damage it.

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Cinco Ranch TX Concrete Resurfacing

Cinco Ranch TX Concrete Resurfacing

Update your floors with various Cinco Ranch TX Concrete Resurfacing options.

Depending on the severity of it, you have three general options on what to do. If the damage is minimal, resulting in small cracks or holes, then repairing it is simple. Most repair solutions may add discolored specks to your concrete flooring, so be mindful of how many repairs you’ll be making.

Another option is to rip up the concrete and start over. Of course, this is the most expensive option and the most time-consuming. You would only want to do this if there’s a structural issue with your concrete flooring or the damage is so intense that other options wouldn’t work.

The middling option is to resurface your concrete. It’s a way to freshen up your concrete flooring while fixing any minor issues that may have cropped up. You can even add design elements to resurfaced concrete, replacing the drab look from before with something new.

Reasons For Resurfacing Your Concrete

There are several reasons why you would go through with a Cinco Ranch TX concrete resurfacing procedure. Freshening up your aging concrete is the most apparent explanation.

Wear and tear can ruin the best types of flooring, and concrete is no different. Even the most rigid stone will mar after enduring the harsh elements and bearing the weight of constant mechanical and foot traffic.

Resurfacing your concrete can take care of some types of damage. Resurfacing can deal with most cracks or holes, spalling, and discoloration on your concrete. So long as the damage doesn’t extend further than the surface, resurfacing is the best option to renew your concrete’s looks and fix it up.

Another reason you would resurface your concrete is if you wanted to change up the design. If you see your concrete’s erosion ruining the decorative patterns, you can resurface it to either change the pattern or repair it. Resurfacing adds a newer, smoother layer of concrete on top of what you already have, so it allows for finishes like stamping or coloring.

You’ll have some design overlay options to choose from: stamping concrete overlays, river rock or pebble coating, deck finishes, epoxy coatings, texture coatings, broom finishes, integral or topically applied color, or stenciled patterns or hand-carved designs. These options are ideal for driveways, swimming pool decks, patios, parking areas, and other concrete surfaces.

When you resurface your concrete, it’ll last longer than a simple concrete repair. Not to mention, you can customize your concrete to be more pleasing than before.

What Goes Into Concrete Resurfacing?

Cinco Ranch TX Concrete Resurfacing

Give your concrete a fresher look.

As with any flooring project, there’s a series of steps that has to happen before you can begin. Cleaning the concrete is essential. If there is too much dirt, oil, flaking concrete, or other substances, the new concrete layer won’t adhere to it.

This step is usually done with a high-intensity pressure washer. If there’s something that won’t wash off, you may need to use some chemical solutions.

Once the layers of grime and dirt are off, you need to inspect the concrete you’ll be resurfacing. Any large cracks or spalled areas need to be repaired. Spalling happens when parts of concrete have eroded. So long as any structural issues did not cause them, these are usually patchable.

When your old concrete is ready, they’ll place several thin layers of a polymer concrete mix on the repaired concrete. They’ll add in your decorative finishes near the end. It’ll take a few days for everything to dry and cure. Once everything is laid out and drying, it’ll take another 48 to 72 hours before something as heavy as a vehicle can drive over it.

What Cinco Ranch TX Concrete Resurfacing Can And Can’t Do

Although resurfacing will patch up a majority of the damage the visible eye can see, it isn’t a cure-all for everything. Resurfacing is the middle space between minor repairs and hiring a full blown contractor to start everything over. Concrete resurfacing is laying down a new thinner layer on top of your concrete, so it’ll last longer.

Concrete with heaving, severe cracks, or is damaged due to winter freezes probably can’t be resurfaced. Resurfacing also won’t solve underlying soil problems. Anything critical may need another solution before you can resurface it.

On the other hand, resurfacing can add a decorative layer on top of some types of damage. You can smooth cracks and holes that are slightly wider than 1/4 inch by the resurfacing primer and base coat. If there’s any discoloration, resurfacing will level it out. 

Resurfacing is also great for hiding any surface imperfections and covering up ugly-looking concrete. Or perhaps you want to update an outdated design with a new finish. You can do that by resurfacing the concrete. Resurfacing is the optimal option if a small repair job can’t do it, and ripping up the concrete would be too costly for the amount of damage there is.

Choosing To Resurface

Cinco Ranch TX Concrete Resurfacing

Resurfacing your concrete can repair small damages and give it a new look.

Depending on the size of the resurfacing project, it’s recommended to leave it in the hands of professionals. Although there are options for you to do it yourself, an expert can make sure it’s done right the first time. Sometimes unexpected events can occur, and it’s faster to let professionals take care of it rather than figuring it out yourself.

Contact the experts at Epoxy Technology Coatings for a better idea of whether or not they can resurface your concrete. They’re your go-to for any Cinco Ranch TX concrete resurfacing project you may have in mind.

Cinco Ranch, TX Fun Facts:

  • Cinco Ranch is part of the Katy, Texas community.
  • There are several parks in Cinco Ranch, ranging from neighborhood pocket parks to lakefront parks.
  • The community has a growing network of greenbelt trails.
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