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Install a Beautiful 3D Metallic Epoxy Floor | Houston TX

The Epoxy Technology Coatings team can install a beautiful Houston, TX 3D metallic epoxy floor to replace your plain concrete floors. Many home and business owners are now choosing to install beautiful 3D metallic epoxy floors in their offices or home. This type of flooring is becoming increasingly popular because it is stylish and practical. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you install one for your own business or home.

Houston TX 3D Metallic Epoxy Floor

Make your floors unrecognizable with a Houston, TX 3D Metallic Epoxy Floor coating.

Metallic epoxy floors are another type of epoxy floor coating. Like solid epoxy floors, they add a protective layer on top of your concrete surfaces. Most of the time, you’ll see epoxy garage floors or other industrial or commercial settings. However, nothing is stopping their benefits from also working within your home.

Both solid and metallic epoxy floors are a type of flooring made from epoxy resin. These floors are easy to clean and maintain. Since they’re durable and resistant to stains and scratches, they’re great for areas with high amounts of vehicular or foot traffic. And with various colors and designs, you can go all out, transforming your concrete surfaces into a professional or creative space.

Our team specializes in installing epoxy floor coatings. Whether you want the typical solid color epoxy or a metallic epoxy floor, we can help you achieve the image you’re going for. Contact our team for a free assessment and quote today.

Revamp Your Concrete Surfaces into a Houston, TX 3D Metallic Epoxy Floor

Concrete floors are a popular choice of flooring. Not only are they durable, but they’re also easy to maintain and have a long lifecycle. They’re also resistant to mold and mildew, making them an optimal choice for both homes and businesses. However, even they can wear down after a while.

Constant use and abuse by work accidents, life happenings, and the changing seasons can damage your concrete floors. Not to mention, bare concrete floors are dull and drab. With epoxy floors, you can add a layer of protection to your concrete surfaces while also transforming them into something aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Epoxy floors are a mixture of epoxy resin and hardeners. Once they cure, the resin forms a durable layer that rests above the surface of your concrete floors. Due to their many benefits, you can find these floors in many industries. They come in multiple colors and designs, and metallic epoxy colors are becoming more popular due to their unique design patterns.

In particular, metallic epoxy floors have smooth, shiny surfaces. Instead of the usual process, we mix the metallic powder with the epoxy to create intricate designs in the resin. After everything dries, we buff the floor to maximum shine so that you can get that high-quality glossy look. And recently, we’ve added custom Houston, TX 3D metallic epoxy floor designs to our repertoire.

Houston TX 3D Metallic Epoxy Floor

There’s a difference between epoxy designs. Choose the one that fits what you’re looking for best.

The Difference Between Solid Color and Metallic Epoxy Floors

Considering that solid color and metallic epoxy floors are just different types of epoxy designs, they offer the same overall benefits. They’re both durable types of flooring that add a layer of protection to your concrete floors. They work in commercial and residential settings, so it’s more of a matter of imagination.

You can clean them with your favorite cleaning chemicals because they’re resistant to chemicals, abrasion, oil & grease stains, and several other things. Not to mention, they’re slip-resistant as well, so you sometimes see these floors in medical environments. The most significant difference between solid and metallic epoxy is in their designs.

As you would expect, solid epoxy colors are typically one color and are 100% solid epoxy resin. They can give your garage floor or another type of concrete surface a professional or clean look. You can also add brindle flakes or blended coverings to the design if you want something a little more than a simple solid color.

On the other hand, metallic epoxy floors are a mix of epoxy resin and metallic flakes instead of blended or brindle ones. They add a deeper design than what simple chips can offer. If you’d rather have elegant curves and swirls than a collage of complimentary colored flakes, metallic epoxy floors are the way to go.

Taking Metallic Epoxy Floors to the Next Level

There are many intricate metallic designs we can accomplish. One of the more intricate ones is 3D metallic epoxy floors. In this case, we use a specific technique to create an effect that will look similar to marble stone. Not only is 3D metallic epoxy called “metallic” due to the flakes that go into the resin, but it’s also due to the particular method we use to create the intricate designs.

This type of flooring is excellent in rooms that want a sophisticated look but still accommodate a high amount of foot traffic. Marble epoxy floors are often used as an alternative to natural marble tiles or flooring. Natural marble flooring can be slippery when wet, making it dangerous to walk across. Not to mention, it’s a porous material, so it stains easily and requires constant maintenance to sustain its clean appearance.

That’s where marble epoxy comes in. Epoxy flooring is slip-resistant, so even if people accidentally trek water across it, you won’t slip easily. Not to mention, it’s also stain-resistant and can stand its own against oil, grease, and chemical stains and spills. Due to its non-porous nature, cleaning and maintaining its appearance is a simple task.

Houston TX 3D Metallic Epoxy Floor

To get your flooring project started, contact our team today.

Epoxy: Transforming Your Concrete One Square Foot at a Time

Call us today to schedule a free assessment and quote. Instead of visiting our location, we’ll come to you and survey the room you want to install an epoxy floor. Whether you want a solid color epoxy floor or a metallic one, we can install it for you. We are professionals that can install a Houston, TX 3D metallic epoxy floor to your specifications.

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