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Houston TX Epoxy Flooring Companies Near Me

Have you been searching for Houston, TX epoxy flooring companies near me? If so, Epoxy Technology Coatings is here to meet all your epoxy flooring needs! We’re passionate about helping our customers fortify their floors, and we can’t wait to hear more about what you have in mind. If you’re ready to get started, don’t settle for any less than the best in Greater Houston!

We offer a broad variety of epoxy flooring for many types of settings. Whether you’re looking to install your new floors in your home or office, you can rely on us to perform the job flawlessly. Therefore, give us a call so we can discuss your needs and schedule an installation. When you work with Epoxy Technology Coatings, your needs are always priority number one!

Epoxy flooring is the most cutting-edge alternative to traditional floors, which show lots of wear and tear over time. With epoxy flooring, you can expect to have beautiful floors for years to come! Therefore, let us show you why we’re among the best at what we do. Contact Epoxy Technology Coatings right away to secure your new epoxy flooring!

Consult the Best of Houston, TX Epoxy Flooring Companies Near Me

Houston, TX epoxy flooring companies near me

Work with the foremost Houston, TX epoxy flooring companies near me.

At Epoxy Technology Coatings, we strive for quality above all else. Additionally, we believe that excellent customer service is essential for building lasting relationships with our clients. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll always be in great hands when you work with us. If you’re ready to work with one of Houston’s premier epoxy companies, we’re just a phone call away.

In addition to excellent service and long-lasting results, you can also look forward to exploring tons of flooring options. At Epoxy Technology Coatings, we acknowledge and value the fact that our customers have unique style preferences. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to build a diverse selection of colors and flake styles for you to peruse. When you see what we have to offer, you’ll know you’ve sided with the right company!

Call us today to learn more about the ways we can help you enhance the floors in your home or place of business. Whether you’re looking for floors with better traction or just want to improve your space’s style, we’re confident that we have solutions for you. Therefore, don’t wait any longer to reach out. We’re eager to help you bring your flooring ideas to life!

Add Style to Any Space

Epoxy flooring offers many tangible benefits, such as increased traction and easy cleaning. However, Epoxy Technology Coatings offers flooring that will satisfy your stylistic sensibilities, too! When you explore our options, you’ll see that we offer a wide range of solid and metallic flooring colors. As a result, you can finally feel excited about what your new floors will contribute to your space!

Adding an element of style is an excellent way to revitalize any type of space. Our floors are suitable for both residential and commercial settings, so you never need to worry about your new epoxy floors looking out of place. Additionally, we offer both blended and brindle flake floor coatings to further meet your style needs. If you’d like more information, get in touch with our team today.

When you need Houston, TX epoxy flooring companies near me, we’ll always be ready to step up to the plate. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team at your earliest convenience. We’re eager to help, and we can’t wait to see what you have in mind. When you work with us, you’ll feel confident that your floors will turn out beautifully.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Houston, TX epoxy flooring companies near me

Add more life to your business with epoxy floors.

Epoxy flooring is a type of flooring that consists of two parts: a base coat and a top coat. The base coat is made of epoxy resin, while the top coat is made of polyurethane. Epoxy flooring is frequently applied in commercial and industrial settings because it is durable and easy to clean. Thanks to epoxy flooring’s non-porous surface, you’ll never have issues with spills and stains.

Epoxy flooring was first developed in the 1930s as a floor coating for industrial and commercial applications. It was made from a mixture of epoxy resin and hardener and was applied to concrete floors to provide a durable, non-slip surface. Epoxy flooring became popular in the 1970s and 1980s for use in homes and businesses and is now available to purchase in a wide range of colors and styles.

Thanks to the pioneers of previous generations, epoxy flooring technology is the best its ever been. Therefore, when you consult Epoxy Technology Coatings, you can trust that you’re getting a durable, high-quality product. To see some of our previous work, check out some of our before-and-after photos. We can’t wait to give you incredible new floors that we know you’ll love!

Work More Efficiently After Installing Epoxy Floors

When it comes to enhancing your professional setting, epoxy floors offer a ton of advantages. Epoxy flooring can enhance your workspace by providing a durable, easy-to-clean surface that is slip-resistant and chemical-resistant. Thanks to their lustrous surfaces, epoxy floors can also help improve the lighting in your workspace. As a result, you’ll minimize the risk of injury and improve visibility, thereby increasing your focus and productivity.

Additionally, installing epoxy flooring in a stylish color is an excellent way to impress your clients and potentially attract new ones. Therefore, don’t settle for dull, scratched, and scuffed flooring. Call us today for additional details about installing epoxy floors in your workplace!

Contact Our Expert Team Today

Houston, TX epoxy flooring companies near me

Call us at your earliest convenience!

If you’re convinced of the benefits that epoxy flooring can provide, call Epoxy Technology Coatings today to arrange an installation. If you still have questions or concerns, we’re more than happy to address them. Therefore, start a conversation with us so we can better understand what you need out of your new floors. When you need Houston, TX epoxy flooring companies near me, make Epoxy Technology Coatings your first choice!

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