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Houston TX Epoxy Flooring Company

If you need a Houston TX epoxy flooring company to help you renovate your outdated floors, Epoxy Technology Coatings has you covered. We have helped numerous amounts of people bring their dream floor fantasies to reality. Thus, if you need to revamp those dull concrete floors into more elegant and fabulous floors, give us a call at (832) 321-4747.

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Feel free to visit us at our location in Richmond, TX 77407 area. We are open from eight in the morning to four a clock Monday through Friday. If you can not make it to our sites during the week, fear not. Schedule an appointment with us, and we will provide you our excellent customer service on the weekends as well.

Suppose you require more information and have additional questions and concerns about business hours. Feel free to send us an email containing all of your questions about our products and services. One of our epoxy team members will get back to you as soon as possible with; fast, knowledgeable, and cost-effective answers.

Houston TX epoxy flooring company

We are the Houston TX epoxy flooring company you seek for

Call us today to request your quote from us as soon as possible. Your floors deserve a makeover, and you deserve fabulous new floors. Worry not; we can help you install epoxy easy to maintain the floor in your home.

We provide epoxy floor coatings for residential and commercial spaces alike. Our previous customers highly recommend our products and services since we only offer the best of absolute best high in quality epoxy coatings; in the more excellent Houston and surrounding areas. Thus give us a call if your floors need a little tender loving care.

Residential Epoxy Flooring

Where you aware that our company specializes in epoxy garage flooring? We have a lot of styles and colors for you to choose from. Thus your options are endless.

Worry not. Our services are affordable; thus, if you thought you would spend a small fortune remodeling your worn-out floors, think again. We offer premium styles at a more than reasonable and competitive price. Thus you should reach out to us if you want to save a few bucks and have the floor of your dreams installed in your home. 

The Houston TX epoxy flooring company offers epoxy flooring systems at affordable prices; thus, get in touch with us.

Residential Garage Expoxy Flooring

When you look at your garage floor, does it appear neglected and dull? Do you wish it would look different and match your garage aesthetics? Let’s say your garage is glammed out! Your walls are painted a fresh, brightening cool white and complemented by deep horizontal stripes of black. Also, you adorn your wall with golden frames displaying art, as well as other high-end decorations. Creating a luxurious store-like glamourous expensive vibe.

But what’s that your brand new car is custom painted (to your favorite color) car is over shined by your; outdated, dirty, beat up and dull decaying concrete floor? Do you wish you could do something about your dull floor to complete your lavish posh garage aesthetic?

Houston TX epoxy flooring company

We offer high end mika flake epoxy floors.

Worry not; we have you covered. We are the Houston TX epoxy flooring company you need to hire if you want custom floors for your garage. Whether you want solid black to make your cars stand out in your lavish garage or if you wish to brindle flake epoxy floors to create a natural stone-like flooring that compliments your posh aesthetic. We have you covered.

Flooring Styles and Colors at E-TECH

We have four main styles for you to choose from: solid color, blended flake epoxy floor coverings, brindle flake, and metallic epoxy. Worry not to have a plethora of colors and chips for you to choose from; so you can create any epoxy floor look that you desire within reason. Your choices are endless with us; thus, give your garage, kitchen, bedroom, or any floor in your house a fabulous makeover!

Solid Epoxy Floor Colors

If you desire a sophisticated yet straightforward floor, worry not. We got you. You can choose from elegant neutral colors such as beige, grey, mocha, tan, and of course, black. Or, if you have a bold personality, get a color that matches, such as red, blue, green, or a combination of colors. Worry not. We can fit your floor to your vibe.

Blended Flake Epoxy Floor Coverings

If you like blocky patterns and colors, worry not. We have you covered. Get a combination of blended flakes and create your own fabulous, custom-made epoxy floor. Be the envy of your block and show your style via the new floors; that accent and complement your space.

Bridle Flake Expoxy

If you have posh tastes, worry not. We have you covered. Our company offers natural stone-looking floors such as; pumice, basalt, cobalt, and obsidian. Thus you can create the illusion that your feet are made out of natural stones. As a result, you can custom build your floor; and design it to fit your luxurious home aesthetics.

Metallic Epoxy

Our metallic epoxy floors glisten and shimmer under the correct lighting, thus creating an elegant and luxurious experience when you walk all over them. Metallic floors are usually used in restarts and high-end boutiques to create an atmosphere of class and lavishness.

You can recreate the atmosphere in the comfort of your home and feel like a million bucks right at home. If you desire to install epoxy concrete floors in your home, give us a call as soon as possible.

Houston TX epoxy flooring company

Epoxy Technology Coatings offers high-end premium epoxy floor renovation services; at affordable prices. Thus is you want to renovate those old floors worry not. Also, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on improving the quality of your feet. 

In addition, we have endless possibilities for custom flooring options to satisfy your needs.

Thus get in contact with us as soon as you need to remodel your floors. And remember that; we are the Houston TX epoxy flooring company that offers epoxy flooring systems at affordable prices, thus get in touch with us.

Houston TX epoxy flooring company

Call us if you need fabulous new floors!

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