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Houston TX Floor Contractors

If you look for the very best Houston TX floor contractors, you will find Epoxy Tech Houston, Houston’s best flooring specialists. Epoxy Tech Houston has over ten years of experience in residential and commercial flooring.

We have the most qualified flooring experts and work on floor refinishing. We use the highest quality epoxy floor coating. Our excellent customer service has kept our customers happy, and we know you will be happy with your newly refinished floors.

We offer different epoxy flooring services to meet your preferences in home design. Our epoxy coating is the highest grade in the coating material.

Our floor contractors can transform a boring garage floor into something that stands out with a variety of colors, textures, patterns, and glossy or matte finishes that will liven up any space in your home.

We Have Different Types of Flooring Installation

Houston Tx floor contractors

Let our Houston TX floor contractors give your space a new look.

Epoxy coating is such a versatile material that the possibilities are nearly endless. Our expert Houston TX floor contractors will collaborate with you. In addition, we are happy to talk and collaborate with you about your specific tastes and help you find a coating suitable for your space.

Dining room

Epoxy coating is excellent for residential spaces because it is durable, long-lasting, and will not crack. In addition, epoxy flooring can withstand water, oil, or types of spills. These types of spills are not uncommon on a dining room floor.

Think about olive oil or sauces that you might spill. Big families do not have to walk on eggshells for fear of spilling on lovely carpeting or expensive floors. You can keep nice hardwood flooring or tile flooring. When you add a layer of epoxy, you give a floor an added layer of protection that is very easy to clean without leaving a mess.

Bathroom remodelers

Epoxy coating is the most affordable floor covering available. It is a wonderful way to add a new design element to your kitchen and even your bathroom. Epoxy is incredibly tough and resilient and will stand up to your home’s usual wear and tear.

You can create a new life for your bathroom with a bright, bold epoxy coating. A bathroom floor’s surface coated with epoxy is also slip-resistant, making it the perfect solution where slips and falls are a potential hazard.

We offer a lot of different colors, textures, and patterns to give your home an upgrade. For instance, our Houston TX floor contractors can show you some great solid colors for a kitchen. Likewise, you can pick from our collection of marble-type patterns for a bathroom to give your space a luxurious feel that will last and look great for years to come.

Floor Coverings

Houston Tx floor contractors

Hide the numerous repairs you’ve made to concrete by resurfacing it.

Adding a coat of epoxy will make your tiled bathroom floor stronger. The epoxy coating we use firmly sticks to a surface without peeling.

Laminate and vinyl flooring

Transform your dull vinyl floor into a luxury vinyl flooring with epoxy coating. But you do not have to limit yourself to only floor coating. Many of our customers choose to apply an epoxy coating to a laminate countertop to give it that extra layer of protection.

If you have ever dealt with laminate countertops in your kitchen, you know how aggravating it can be when it begins to peel away. With an epoxy coat on top of your laminate-covered countertops, you will no longer have to worry about it peeling away. Epoxy is strong and will not peel.

A nice layer of epoxy coating can also transform the look of an old kitchen because it is glossy or matte when it dries, depending on your preference.

Tile floor

Did you know that tile flooring is the worst when it comes to water damage? If you live in Houston, Tx, you know how unpredictable the weather can be.

Sometimes it is hot and muggy, and other times it’s flooding with no end in sight. Even without the flooding, humidity can be damaging considering all the moisture.

Your floors do not have to suffer the damaging consequences. When you let our expert Houston Tx epoxy floor contractors seal your floors with a custom epoxy coating, you give your floors a layer of solid protection from the usual wear and tear. Additionally, you safeguard your floors from unnecessary water damage.

Hardwood flooring

Houston Tx floor contractors

Call Epoxy Tech Houston Today!

We can give your wood flooring a new shine. Hardwood floors can look beautiful. However, the upkeep can be a pain. Coating your wood flooring with epoxy can give it a fresh feel and shine.

Epoxy can make your wood flooring look new again and protect it from the usual wear and tear. Coating your floor with epoxy will protect it for many years to come.

Epoxy is a solid material that lasts and will not crack or get scratched up like many types of flooring. Depending on the type of epoxy floor coating you get, your floor can be dry and ready to drive or walk on within an hour.

Our epoxy floor coating is relatively easy to apply with a rolling brush, and it looks great. Our Houston TX floor contractors can answer any additional questions you may have when you get our free estimate. You have nothing to lose!

Find the Best Houston TX Floor Contractors at Epoxy Tech Houston

Our floor contractors are the best in the greater Houston area, and we want to work with you! We have worked with customers in the greater Houston area for over ten years and have a loyal base of satisfied customers.

We are Houston’s trusted flooring company with the best in customer service. Our flooring company comes highly recommended from our high rate of customer satisfaction.

Call for a free estimate

Our professional epoxy flooring contractors can answer your questions plus give you a free estimate on your specific flooring needs. Additionally, when you call us, please feel free to ask about our other residential floor coating options. You do not have to limit yourself to the kitchen or bathroom.

We also specialize in garage floor coating, patio floor coating, and almost anything else that you can think up. Houston TX floor contractors with Epoxy Tech Houston will help you get creative, so call us today and find out how you can add some new vigor into your living space!

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