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Houston TX Flooring Contractors Near Me

Are you in search of some Houston TX flooring contractors near me? Do you have cracked floors with holes? Or do you simply want a new makeover for your space?

Well, you came to the right flooring company. Epoxy Technology Coatings will provide you with the best flooring contractors in Houston and all of Texas. That is how good our team is.

And we should be since we have been up and running for over a decade. We have worked all over Texas and will continue to provide the best services to those in need. We have great services that you can choose from.

Whether you need your concrete floors refinished or you need our top-of-the-line epoxy floor coatings. We even have a shopping service for you to take advantage of. We have all that you could need and more; learn more below.

Houston TX flooring contractors near me

The Houston TX flooring contractors near me have the services for you.

Houston TX Flooring Contractors Near Me

Epoxy Technology Coatings has delivered on everything we set out to do since our introduction into this industry. We offer affordable prices for our customers, check. We have the best flooring contractors, check. And we even have the best flooring services, check.

Our team has worked in Katy, Richmond, Sugar Land, and the Houston area. With all of this work over the years, we have installed over a million square feet of epoxy flooring throughout Texas. Your space can be the next.

We view our work as a collaboration with our customers as well. This ensures customer satisfaction and that you receive the best work out of us. Whether it be for your epoxy floor makeover or your concrete refinishing.

When we say we have the best epoxy flooring options in Houston, we mean it. Our floors are the highest quality floors on the market. They are easy to maintain, and they are just stunning. Other floor options from those companies we will not name need deep cleansing to sustain our gloss.

You won’t need a power washer and a bunch of cleaning tools with our floors. The basic monthly maintenance will be good enough, and you can go back to your everyday life. Our floors are also quite durable as well.

Our epoxy-coated floors are abrasion-resistant. This means they can withstand any heavy impacts without a problem. So, choose our flooring installation service today.

Our Services

You can see our services now that you are done looking for the Houston TX flooring contractors near me. As stated, we have epoxy services and services for concrete resurfacing. First off, what is concrete resurfacing? We are glad we asked for you.

Concrete resurfacing is basically the removal of the top layer of your concrete, which has cracks, holes, and possibly discoloration. Our team will replace this with something called resurfacer. This is the best way to bond the lower layer of concrete. Using another slab of concrete wouldn’t suffice because it would be disjointed.

Then you will finally have a new look for the floors you’ve always wanted. This can also be a decorative floor to give your space a fresher feel. But our epoxy floors are something else entirely.

We offer two special services for our epoxy floor installations. The first is our residential epoxy floor service, and the second is our commercial epoxy floor services. The first is for garages, and the second is for your commercial business.

We have worked on floors in warehouses, ballrooms, dining rooms, restaurants, hospitals, and much more. We transform old and dingy floors into stunning and durable floors. Please take a look at some of the work we have accomplished over the years. We also have a shopping service that you can dive into.

Houston TX flooring contractors near me

Use our tools for the perfect floors.


With our shopping service, you can simply do the job yourself. We don’t force you to use our team of experts and will let your expertise shine. We have all the tools you could need to complete the job.

With our products, your floors can get the enhancement it desperately needs. No need to deal with those damaged floors any longer. That will be detrimental to your vehicles. If you don’t take us up on this offer, you could be dealing with more flat tires and scratches on your car.

Epoxy Technology Coatings has done a great job with the shopping service. We have a wide range of customization options for you. These are all included in the four unique color categories we have. Solid epoxy floor colors, blended flake epoxy floor coverings, brindle flake epoxy floor colors, and lava flow metallic epoxy floor colors.

The first category we have for you is called solid epoxy floor colors. This is filled with neutral colors for those that want to keep a simple look for their business or garage. We have tan, mocha, light gray, medium gray, and many more options.

Secondly, the blended flake epoxy floor coverings category is blended colors. They blend with either small, medium, or large flakes. This is a way to attain a certain level of detail.

The third category is the brindle flake epoxy floor colors. This category consists of shades like obsidian, cobalt, garnet, pumice, and many more. And finally, the last category we offer is called lava flow metallic epoxy floor colors. These are elegant tones that will make practically any space luxurious.

We also provide different glitter and flake colors. We flake types such as earthly, insignia, eclectic, greystone, and more. The glitter colors consist of gunmetal, glow, copper, fuchsia, and more as well.

Houston TX flooring contractors near me

So, give our team a call today!

Call Epoxy Technology Coatings Today

In conclusion, give us a call for the floors you’ve always wanted. You can even get a free estimate through our excellent 24/7 customer service. We highly recommend that you explore what we have to offer even deeper.

We want to ensure you know everything there is to know so you can get the high-quality and affordable floors we offer. Our coating system will leave your floors looking beautiful. The durability will also be quite useful for any commercial worker out there. Not to mention they are easy to clean.

Our epoxy floors have so much to offer. They are even non-slip, non-shock, and resistant to chemicals. The Houston TX flooring contractors near me are all for our customer’s safety, so call us today.

Houston TX Fun Facts

  • The home of the largest medical center in the world.
  • We are the fourth most populous city in the nation.
  • More than 145 different languages are spoken in Houston.
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