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Houston TX Garage Floor Coating Near Me

Epoxy Technology Coatings has the perfect Houston TX garage floor coating near me. Our team of experts has done it all for the past decade. We’ve worked on your everyday garages, warehouses, kitchens, gymnasiums, and much more.

We have the extensive experience you need to get the best garage floor possible. Our shopping service has a wide range of customization options for you to dive into. Don’t get too lost, however.

There is much more to learn about our company and why we are the best flooring service in all of Houston. We have worked with many companies and garage owners over the years. So, come on down and become the next customer of ours and receive our assistance.

You can guide us with your vision of the garage you’ve always wanted, or you can sit back and let us handle it. We try to show our customers that this process is a collaboration if you need it to be. This ensures the best work is done for you. Check out our residential service below.

Houston TX Garage Floor Coating Near Me

Get the best garage floors with Epoxy Technology Coatings.

Houston TX Garage Floor Coating Near Me

Since 2005, Epoxy Technology Coatings has done nothing but offer the best flooring service possible. We have done it in Katy, Richmond, Sugar Land, and many other surrounding areas of Houston. Our team has even installed over a million square feet of epoxy flooring in businesses and garages all over Texas.

We have the most affordable and easy-to-maintain floors out there. But, this isn’t just because of how stunning our floors are. Our floors have many benefits that come along with them, and one of them is their durability.

Our epoxy floors can withstand any heavy impacts it goes through. Normal concrete floors become easily damaged after a while. They become cracked, chipped, or peeled away. But, our team takes pride in the high-quality floors and efficient work we provide.

Residential Garage Services

The Houston TX garage floor coating near me is, without a doubt, the best service available to you. This service focuses on residential garages and ensures nothing but the highest quality garage flooring system.

Our residential epoxy flooring service will transform your garage into the garage of your dreams. And if you just want a simple garage floor that’ll get the job done, we will provide that too. Our team just wants to make sure our customers’ vision becomes a reality. That is why we tell our customers that this is a collaborative effort on both sides.

We want to hear exactly what you expect of us, and we will give you exactly that. Any input you have is vital to this process, whether it is customization or installation. This is the only way you get your desired outcome.

Get our help today; your floors will thank you. You don’t have to deal with small accidents ruining your floors forever. With our floors, you will be able to maintain that glossy finish for a lifetime.

Our abrasion-resistant floors are durable enough to withstand practically any impact. So, please take advantage of our affordable offers and shopping service. Even you DIY experts out there will be able to get the job done with our help.

Houston TX Garage Floor Coating Near Me

Check out our cast customization options and products here. We have everything you could possibly need.


Epoxy Technology Coatings has a wide range of customization options for you to choose from. We have four color categories with their own uniqueness. Solid epoxy floor colors, blended flake epoxy floor coverings, brindle flake epoxy floor colors, and lava flow metallic epoxy floor colors. We have your best interest in our best interest, the perfect way for customer satisfaction.

Need our expertise to get your floors installed? We have a qualified team for you. Want to get the job done by yourself? We will provide you with the tools needed to install our floors.

Dealing with dangerous floors that damage your vehicles is a problem you will never have again. Come and give your floors the enhancement it needs. We have a long list of products for you.

Firstly, the solid epoxy floor colors category are all neutral colors. This is a great option for garage owners that don’t want to go overboard with colors that stand out too much. We have tan, mocha, light gray, medium gray, and many more options.

Secondly, the blended flake epoxy floor coverings have the blends to make your garage floors stand out. This category has colors that blend with small, medium, and large flakes. This is a way to add more detail to the floor’s color.

Thirdly, the brindle flake epoxy floor colors consist of shades like obsidian, cobalt, garnet, pumice, and many more. And lastly, the final category lava flow metallic epoxy floor colors. These tones are more luxurious and will be great if you want your garage to stand out.

But it doesn’t end there. We also provide glitter and flake colors. The flakes we provide consist of earthly, insignia, eclectic, greystone, and more types. The glitter colors we have are gunmetal, glow, copper, fuchsia, and more.

Houston TX garage floor coating near me

No more waiting. Call Epoxy Technology Coatings for the best Houston TX garage floor coating near me.

Call Epoxy Technology Coatings Today

In conclusion, our team is on standby for your call. You can finally get the perfect floors for your space with our coating system. Our floors are beautiful, durable, and easy to clean. But, this is not all that our floors are good for.

Our epoxy floors are also non-slip, non-shock, and even resistant to chemicals. So, your vehicles and yourself will be safe at all times. There is nothing more that you could want out of garage floors.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the epoxy flooring to complement your vehicles today. All in all, the garage of your dreams is right around the corner. So, give Epoxy Technology Coatings a call for the best Houston TX garage floor coating near me.

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