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Meeting an Epoxy Flooring Specialist is Worthwhile | Katy TX

A local Katy, TX epoxy flooring specialist can offer their years of experience and expertise in ensuring an epoxy floor is the right choice for you. Epoxy floor coatings are a type of floor coating system that’s typically used on concrete floors. This type of floor is extremely durable, can resist high wear and tear levels, and is easy to maintain. If you’re looking for a flooring system that can alter but not replace your concrete floor, epoxy might be the right choice for you.

Katy TX Epoxy Flooring Specialist

Epoxy floors can transform your floors and add the finishing touches to any room.

Logistically, epoxy floors are a type of flooring that’s made up of multiple layers of epoxy. These layers bond together and become sturdy layers that lie on top of your concrete floors. Because of their durability and other benefits, they’re a popular choice for commercial and residential applications. More and more industrial and commercial businesses are investing in epoxy floors for two reasons: their durability and design choices.

That’s right – epoxy floors are not only functional, but they also have many different designs and styles that can light up any room. Concrete floors can be drab by themselves, so the epoxy coating doesn’t have to retain that same gray feeling. When we say epoxy can transform your concrete floors, we mean it.

When you get in touch with our team here at Epoxy Technology Coatings, we’ll give you a free estimate. Our team will drive to you and check out the concrete floor you want to transform. We’ll get started once you pick your color and design of choice. With our professionals on the job, we’ll show you the highest quality epoxy floors you can get in the greater Houston area.

How a Katy, TX Epoxy Flooring Specialist Can Transform Your Concrete Floors

Here at Epoxy Technology Coatings, we specialize in pouring epoxy resin for our clients. We’ll complete the entire installation process, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Not to mention, you can choose from over 200 colors and designs. If it sounds like our epoxy services are what you’re looking for, contact our team when you’re ready to get started.

As we mentioned before, epoxy floor coatings are a type of flooring that’s very strong and durable. It’s made up of two parts: the resin base and a hardener. We’ll layer the mixture on top of your concrete floor in multiple layers. Each layer needs to completely cure before we can layer the next one on, so the process might take a few days to finish completely.

Usually, we’ll clean up your concrete floor, removing any stains and minor damages that could affect how the epoxy lays out. Then we’ll lay down an initial layer, filling in any cracks with epoxy, which acts as both a sealant and a bonding agent. Once that layer dries, we’ll pour down the base gradually and smooth it out. After that dries, we’ll lay down the colored coat that appears on top, adding in any additional design elements.

Katy TX Epoxy Flooring Specialist

Consult with a Katy, TX Epoxy Flooring Specialist to learn more about how epoxy can benefit your commercial space.

And voila! Once all of the layers are fully cured, you’ll be left with a nigh-impenetrable concrete coating. Let’s help get you started. Your concrete floor isn’t going to coat itself, so contact Epoxy Technology Coatings now!

The Benefits Epoxy Floor Brings

You’ve been hearing us rant and rave about epoxy floors, but why are our commercial and industrial epoxy services so popular? That’s because epoxy floors offer several benefits over traditional flooring methods.

First, they’re extremely durable, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. They’re abrasion resistant, so dropping or dragging one too many heavy objects, cargo, or furniture across it will do very little damage if any. Although normal concrete floors are also durable, epoxy adds another layer of protection against wear and tear.

Second, epoxy floors are also resistant to stains and chemicals, making them easy to clean and maintain. If something is spilled on the epoxy, you can clean it up easily with your usual cleaning supplies. And, because it is resistant to most chemicals, even stronger cleaning agents won’t mar its surface, color, or design.

Third, epoxy is slip resistant. Concrete is inherently slippery, especially when it’s wet or damp. With an epoxy coating, there will be less chance of an accident happening, even when water or another liquid covers the floor. It’s why they’re a great addition to nursing homes and other medical facilities.

Changing Up How Your Concrete Floors Look

And lastly, there are a great number of colors and designs that you can choose from! Our Katy, TX epoxy flooring specialist at Epoxy Technology Coatings can show you samples of over 200 epoxy floor colors and designs. We’ll help you find the exact style and design you’re looking for.

Let’s start talking about the colors available. There are a couple hundred to choose from, and we categorize them into solid and metallic epoxy colors. As the name suggests, solid epoxy colors appear as solid colors, ranging from black to pink to white. On the other hand, metallic epoxy colors are applied in a special manner so that it appears in a unique marbling pattern.

Katy TX Epoxy Flooring Specialist

To get your flooring project started, contact our team today. Choose your design from the samples we have.

Next, you can also decide if you want a specific pattern. We can create a design exclusive to you with flakes. Choose from either our blended flake floor coverings or brindle flake colors. These flakes can add a different sense of texture to the epoxy and is an easy way to add a touch of elegance to any floor.

Speak with an Epoxy Flooring Specialist

Epoxy floors are a high-quality flooring addition if you have concrete floors. If you’re in need of a team of professionals that can pour the epoxy layers you need, Epoxy Technology Coatings proudly serves the Katy area. Call our office now to schedule a good time for you. We have locations throughout the greater area of Houston, so we can reach you no matter where you are.

Get in touch with a Katy, TX epoxy flooring specialist and get started on an epoxy floor to transform your plain concrete floor.

Katy, Texas Fun Facts:

  • The city is the hub of three different counties: Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller.
  • It was founded on rice farming in the late 1800s.
  • It was formally incorporated in the 1900s.