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Missouri City TX Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Technology Coatings provides the best Missouri City TX epoxy floor coating service you can find. If you are looking for well-experienced and top-of-the-line flooring service, then look no further. We have everything you could possibly want and more.

We offer a wide range of customization options for you to explore. You can customize your garage floors or your place of business with us. The creation process is a collaboration between you and our team of experts.

We want to know exactly what you want, down to the detail. Or if your instructions are broad, that is fine too. We want what is in your best interest at all times.

Our commercial or residential service options will ensure you get the best floors and all for an affordable price. Those days of dealing with disgusting floors that are peeling away are in the past. See just what we offer below.

Missouri City TX epoxy floor coating

Our Missouri City TX Epoxy Floor Coating is just what you need. Stop prolonging the process and take the next step.

Missouri City TX Epoxy Floor Coating

Since 2005, Epoxy Technology Coatings has installed over a million square feet of epoxy floor coating. This is, of course, due to all the hard work and projects we have done over the years. Our customers always leave satisfied with the work we have done.

Richmond, Sugar Land, Katy, and many other surrounding areas of Houston, have received the best coating service through us. We have a dedicated team of professionals ready to give you this service. They will use their expertise and extensive experience for you.

Our miracle work includes turning even the most run-down flooring into something truly stunning. Please take a look at some of the work we have done over the years. And afterward, become the next to receive our assistance. We have a 24/7 service for you to take advantage of.

Residential and Commercial Services

The residential epoxy flooring service that we provide will create the garage you’ve always dreamt of. We have many customization options for you to choose from. And remember, this is a collaboration.

You are the biggest part of this operation, and with your vital input, you will surely get the garage you want. We can do many things, give you the perfect garage aesthetic or even match the garage floors with your vehicles. Just know that you will have the best garage on the block.

We also provide commercial epoxy flooring, in case you glanced over that part earlier. This is a great way to enhance your commercial business by getting the floors you’ve always wanted. You don’t have to worry about any damage input or dangerous spills with our floors. Normal concrete floors could never.

If you are a mechanic, commercial worker, or whatever else, you can finally have a sigh of relief. We have the most durable floors you could get. Our Missouri City TX epoxy floor coating has you covered.

Please take a look at all the colors and additives that we offer. Our customizations options are vast; we will even sell them to you. So, for you DIY experts, you can purchase our products and get the job done yourself.

Missouri City TX epoxy floor coating

You read that right; you can even do the job yourself! Shop with us to get the perfect products for your floors.


We want nothing but the best for our customers. Whether you want us to do your floors or if you want to do it yourself. This is why we provide our own shopping service. We encourage experts to take on this challenge.

Our high-quality products are split into four different color categories. Solid epoxy floor colors, blended flake epoxy floor coverings, brindle flake epoxy floor colors, and lava flow metallic epoxy floor colors. The solid epoxy floor colors are all neutral colors. This includes tan, mocha, light gray, medium gray, and more colors.

The blended flake epoxy floor coverings, on the other hand, are filled with blends of all kinds. You can get a certain level of detail through the small, medium, and large flakes. This can also have any shade, no matter how dark or light the color is.

The brindle flake epoxy floor colors are the third category that we have. This category consists of many different shades such as obsidian, cobalt, garnet, pumice, and more. These shades will spice up the atmosphere of any space you need it to.

And lastly is the lava flow metallic epoxy floor colors category. The shades of this category are quite elegant, which may be difficult to choose from. The tones for this category can fit showrooms, restaurants, and many other luxurious places.

You can also add any glitter or flakes to change things up a bit. We have a wide variety of flakes, which includes earthly, insignia, eclectic, greystone, and many more. The glitter colors we have, include gunmetal, glow, copper, fuchsia, and more. Give our team a call today to get any custom floor you want.

Missouri City TX epoxy floor coating

Call Epoxy Technology Coatings today for the best coating service in all of Texas!

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

There are many reasons why epoxy flooring will be helpful for you. It is inevitable for your standard flooring to be ruined. Accidents happen all the time; humans are not perfect. But our epoxy concrete floors will make it, so you don’t have to be.

Our floors look amazing, but they have many upsides that you may be unaware of. Epoxy flooring is non-slip, non-shock, durable, easy to clean, and even resistant to chemicals. You can maintain that fresh glossy finish all the time now, not just the first week of installment. You will be able to clean any mess with ease.

So, what could you possibly be waiting for? We have everything you could want at Epoxy Technology Coatings. Our experts are just waiting for your call so we can provide the best service in all of Texas to you. So, give your Missouri City TX epoxy floor coating service a call today!

Missouri City TX Fun Facts

  • A population of over 74,000.
  • The first city to use natural gas.
  • 4.6% unemployment rate.
  • For more info on Missouri City.