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Sugar Land TX Concrete Resurfacing

Are you thinking about starting a Sugar Land TX concrete resurfacing project? Are you noticing more cracks and holes on the concrete floors around your residential or commercial buildings? Or are you noticing that there are patches of discoloration or spalling on the pavement? Maybe the design that used to be sleek years ago has deteriorated into a patch of indistinguishable colors.

Sugar Land TX Concrete Resurfacing

Resurface to refresh your aging concrete.

These are all signs that your concrete is showing its age. Even if it’s one of the more durable materials, it can’t win against the elements and time. These imperfections are showing you that it may be time to make some repairs.

You should assess the full extent of any damage on your concrete floors. Often, all of it is superficial. Sometimes, however, the damage is from a structural issue that you should address soon.

So long as it doesn’t stem from an internal issue, you’re left with aging concrete with a smattering of cracks and holes. It isn’t the loveliest visual schematic, nor is it safe to leave them as is. It’s time to give your concrete floors a makeover. Depending on the severity of the damage, resurfacing your floors is one of the best options.

Sugar Land TX Concrete Resurfacing

Resurfacing your concrete floors is another way to repair them. From concrete garages to pool decks, as long as it’s a concrete surface, you can resurface it. While you refresh your floors, you can also update or add a decorative flair to them. Go from having aging concrete to a new clean slate.

Sugar Land TX Concrete Resurfacing

Contact Epoxy Technology Houston about your Sugar Land TX Concrete Resurfacing options.

What goes into resurfacing your floors

Once you decide to resurface your concrete, you or a contractor will need to finish a few preparatory tasks. The first one is to clean the concrete slabs you’ll be resurfacing with a high-pressure pressure washer. Any dirt, oil and grease stains, coatings, sealers, or paint needs to go, even if you have to rely on a chemical solution. If there are any remaining, it’ll inhibit the new layer from binding to the concrete.

When you can finally see the surface, you’ll be able to assess the full extent of the damages. You’ll need to fill any cracks and holes. If there’s erosion damage like spalling, scaling, or delamination, you’ll need to level it down to solid concrete. In the case where your concrete isn’t level, you may need to even it out.

Usually, a thin layer of the concrete is removed with a grinder or shot blaster. It allows a better look at the underlying concrete and a better grip for the new layer going on top. When everything is ready, they pour the new layer onto your original concrete slabs. This new layer is usually a type of polymer mix and will last for a couple of decades.

Now you can also add a design to your newly resurfaced concrete. You have several choices, including stamping, staining, or coating the surface to spruce it up. One of the most popular options is to coat it with an epoxy coating, giving it a bright and colorful shine. Depending on the location, you could also add other finishes that will embellish the area.

It’ll take a few days for it to dry enough for you to step on it. If you resurface your garage or driveway, it’ll take another day or two before your vehicle can drive over it safely.

When You Should Resurface Your Concrete

There are a few situations where resurfacing your concrete won’t fix much. Sugar Land TX concrete resurfacing is a middling option between two extremes. If your concrete falls into one of the outliers, you should approach it with a different method than resurfacing it.

One extreme is when your concrete is only showing its first few cracks or holes. They’re tiny and are only starting to peek out. If they’re no wider than 1/4 inch, you can repair them yourself. It will be a waste of time and money if you resurface concrete that is barely damaged.

However, if tiny cracks and holes riddle the surface, you may want to consider resurfacing it anyways. The solvent used in repairs is sometimes different from concrete, so the discoloration becomes obvious if the damage is tight in an area.

The other extreme is if the damage to your concrete is too extensive. If your concrete is heaving, damaged from winter freezes, or has severe cracks, resurfacing may not solve the issue. Resurfacing will not fix any underlying soil problems.

Resurfacing includes shaving off a thin top layer before pouring a new one on top. The foundation you pour the new layer on is important. If its structural integrity is breached or there are large cracks running through it, you’re better off completely replacing the concrete slab. The best way to be sure is to contact a professional concrete contractor to take a look.

If your concrete surface’s situation doesn’t fall into either one of the extremes, you can resurface it with little to no issues. You can repair any superficial issues while also renewing the surface. While you’re at it, you can even add a new design to your floors, updating everything so your floors can shine again.

Deciding to Resurface Your Floors

Sugar Land TX Concrete Resurfacing

Repair and update your concrete by resurfacing it.

Even concrete can show its age. If you need to make several superficial repairs to your concrete flooring, then you’re better off resurfacing it. So long as all the damages on your concrete floors aren’t from structural or internal issues, you can resurface it, so it’ll last another 10 to 20 years.

However, resurfacing concrete can turn into a complex task. Of course, you can do the concrete repair work yourself, but it may not turn out the way you envision. If you want quality work and make sure the resurfacing lasts, you want to contact a professional.

They’ll be able to make onsite judgment calls after assessing your concrete floor’s situation and damage. If there are any unexpected issues, they’ll be able to deal with them on the spot.

If you’re considering resurfacing your concrete floors, consult a contractor. Ask the experts with Epoxy Technology Coatings about any Sugar Land TX concrete resurfacing questions or projects you may have.

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