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Transform Your Shop With Industrial Commercial Coatings | Katy TX

Improve the look and durability of your shop floors with Katy, TX industrial commercial coatings from Epoxy Technology Coatings. We have the best products and skills to make your floors look amazing and withstand nearly anything.

With Epoxy Technology Coatings as your contractor, you will experience one-of-a-kind service. We provide 24/7 customer support and have over fifteen years of experience. We can even come to you for a free consultation. Many customers rave about our services and the results we provide with our work. Check out our before and after photos to see for yourself.

Visit us today or give us a call to schedule your consultation and discuss what our Katy, TX industrial commercial coatings can do for you.

Katy, TX industrial commercial coatings

Katy, TX industrial commercial coatings are a great way to improve the look of any floor.

How Can Our Katy, TX Industrial Commercial Coatings Benefit Your Space

Epoxy is an amazing medium and is applied to many types of uses. It can be used for virtually anything, such as repairs, structural and engineering uses, insulation, and so many other applications. We use epoxy for flooring, and it works fabulously. Epoxy can be extremely durable when hardened. It can withstand nearly anything and will last for years.

Epoxy flooring is easy to clean, and with the way we apply it, you can still use chemical cleaners and degreasers without weakening the coating. Concrete can easily trap dirt, dust, and other impurities in the many cracks and dents it accumulates. But, with epoxy, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your cracks any longer. With epoxy, dirt will glide right over the surface with one fell swoop of a broom, and you are done.

Epoxy can also be customized to any color. We add color tints to the epoxy mixture and can make some of the most beautiful and vibrant colors you’ve ever seen with a floor. This can make your commercial space truly stand out amongst the competition.

Another benefit epoxy offer is how durable it can be. Sometimes, things drop on the floor and can cause damage to your floor. This is quite common with machine shops, auto shops, and other places of the like. With our epoxy coating, your floors will be able to handle virtually any beating you give them with its impact resistance. It has the ability to withstand impact from objects that weigh hundreds of pounds.

High heat can be an issue for a lot of different floorings, such as wood or vinyl. They can melt or make the fire cause fire to spread. However, with epoxy flooring, our floors are heat resistant, which is great for places like welding shops, kitchens, and other industrial shops.

Commercial spaces of all kinds can experience slips and accidents. This can be a huge liability. However, our floors are slip-resistant. This is perfect for places such as restaurants and healthcare facilities.

There are an incredible amount of benefits that epoxy floors can offer. Contact us to see how our floors can benefit you.

Katy, TX industrial commercial coatings

Even our solid epoxy colors look amazing when applied.

Customize Your Floors

When we do floor installations, we want to make it yours. Our floors have great practical benefits, but we also strive to make them look good. As we mentioned, epoxy can be tinted to any color. Epoxy Technology Coatings offer hundreds of colors, including metallic colors. These colors can make any old shop look brand new again. Plus, we can customize colors to match a logo, team colors, school colors, or anything else you want.

We can also offer color as a practical use. For instance, if you need a way to specify particular areas, such as parking areas, safe zones, or walkways, using color is a great solution. We can provide safety colors to mark any area you need.

Flakes can be added to flooring for texture, and we have some amazing colors. We can add a low, medium, or a high volume of flakes, depending on your preference.

Lastly, we can add a matte, medium, or high-gloss coat. This is based on personal preference, but our high gloss has a double purpose. High-gloss floors can look gorgeous, but they can also be used to reflect light. Concrete floors have a way of making places look dark, which can make working conditions hazardous, but that is no longer a problem with our floor coating solutions. Take a look at what we have to offer.

We Offer Service Like No Other Flooring Company

Between our many years of experience and drive to provide the best service for our customers, you can be sure you are choosing an incredible company for your flooring renovations. We have worked hard over the years to perfect our service for our customers. We ensure that we give you results fast that last a long time and look incredible.

We understand that companies do not have time to shut down production and close up shops for renovations that take forever. People need services that are reliable and fast. While epoxy is not something that can be rushed and come out looking great, we have been able to create a workflow that allows us to optimize our time and still provide top-tier results.

Contact Us Today

Contact Epoxy Technology Coatings today. We would love to discuss how we can help bring you the best flooring solutions. With so many benefits, there is no reason to choose any other type of flooring. Plus, with our experience, you can be sure you are going to get a professional result. Since 2005, the greater Houston area has been trusting our services, and we are proud to continue offering our service for many years to come.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions about our Katy, TX industrial commercial coatings.

Katy, TX industrial commercial coatings

Don’t worry about the state of your original floor. Our services include minor repairs. We can lay epoxy on wood, tile, stone, and many other floorings.

Fun Facts for Katy, TX

  • Katy may have been known for its rice, but it also was known for gas, peanuts, and cotton.
  • This city has built many statues of geese due to it being a migratory location for many types of birds including geese.
  • Katy was one of the few cities that persevered through the hurricane of 1900.