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Industrial Concrete Coatings | 77007

Protect your floors with 77007 industrial concrete coatings from Epoxy Technology Coatings. We offer the most durable flooring in the greater Houston area. Our business has been providing durable and gorgeous-looking floors for over fifteen years. We specialize in epoxy and epoxy products that can protect your floors from damage and make them last for years.

Floors may not seem all that important to most people. However, they play a crucial part in how a place looks. It doesn’t matter how nice your walls and décor are; if your floors are falling apart, it can ruin the look of any room or space. So give your space a makeover and protect your floors with 77007 industrial concrete coatings from Epoxy Technology Coatings in Houston.

77007 industrial concrete coatings

Our 77007 industrial concrete coatings can make your floors look better, become strong, and last so much longer than bare concrete.

Amazing 77007 Industrial Concrete Coatings

Concrete flooring is a common product that many industrial builds, shops, and other commercial spaces use for flooring. It is cheap, easy to install, and durable…sort of. If you’ve had convert flooring for any length of time, then you know that it is prone to cracking and breaking.

If something heavy is dropped on it, it can dent the floor. If it gets too cold or too hot, it can crack. If oil or chemicals are spilled on concrete, it is prone to staining.

Cleaning is a nightmare. No matter how many times you sweep or bleach your floors, they still look like a mess. Moreover, concrete tends to suck the light out of any room, making it look dark and drabby.

In a professional setting, no one wants their shops to look like what we just described. Most business owners want to feel proud of their space, no matter the business they are in.

They want the sort of space that looks inviting, professional, well-lit, and clean. You can’t always get that with concrete, but you can with epoxy. Epoxy is becoming more and more popular with many applications, and flooring is just one of them.

Why is Epoxy So Great?

Epoxy is durable to withstand heavy objects that fall onto it without breaking, denting, or cracking. Epoxy is also heat resistant. It can withstand temperatures all the way up to 150°F and some mixtures even hotter. If your shop deals with a lot of chemicals or oil, then you no longer have to worry about your floors accumulating stains or breaking down.

Epoxy Technology Coatings apply a chemical-resistant coating to our floors to keep them protected. This also means that your floors will be easier than ever to clean. Sweeping takes only minutes, and you don’t have to dig out dirt and grime from the many dents and cracks your floor accumulates.

Epoxy floor coatings are non-porous, so staining is not an issue either. Use your favorite cleaning supplies without worrying about ruining the coating of your floors.

Is lighting an issue in your shop? Well, now it doesn’t have to be with our gloss coating. Gloss coating is great for reflecting light to brighten up any space, which is perfect for dim shops, storage ways, hallways, offices, and other poorly-lit areas. As an added bonus, you get to save money on your energy bill by not having to install extra lights.

77007 industrial concrete coatings

We have the ability to mark specific areas for special needs, such as driving lanes. Call us to get high-quality industrial concrete coatings today!

Add Color To Your Shop

Adding color is one of our favorite parts of our flooring installations. This is where things can get fun, depending on what you are looking for. Many shops and commercial spaces have gray or white flooring, which is fine.

There is nothing inherently wrong with a neutral color floor. However, if you want to add ambiance to your space, or stand out from your competitors, adding color can be a great way to do so.

Epoxy Technology Coatings has hundreds of different colors. We offer rich colors that will add character and style to your space. Our colors are vibrant and will last a long time. We can also create custom colors, which can be a lot of fun because we can match just about any color out there.

If you have special logo colors, décor, school colors, or anything else you would like us to match, we can do it. Metallic colors are fun and interesting. They can refract light, making interesting effects.

If you need to mark special areas, different colors can be added to help mark those areas. You can choose your own colors, or you can use our Safety Red or Safety Yellow. We can mark areas such as parking spaces, driving lanes, walkways, Kaban zones, safety areas, and more.

Flakes, glitter, and quartz can all be added to your floors. Flakes and quartz can be used to add color or to help disguise dirt and dust, and they come in several different sizes, such as 1/8th inch or 1/4th inch. Glitter can be added to make any floor fun and sparkly. We can broadcast as much or as little of these flakes, glitter, or quartz as you desire, and they, too, come in many different colors.

What colors do we offer?

Contact Us Today

If you are tired of looking at your old floors or protecting the ones you have, then give us a call. We are experts at what we do, and we want to help make your commercial space look amazing for years. Our services have been used in all types of spaces, both commercial and residential spaces. We have the experience to work with nearly every flooring, such as concrete, wood, tile, and stone.

Epoxy coating is great for being able to stick to many different types of material. Therefore, no matter what type of flooring you have, we can help. We will take care of all the necessary prep work, including making minor repairs so that the end results are flawless.

We can come to you and offer your free consultations. Contact Epoxy Technology Coatings today for more information about our  77007 industrial concrete coatings.  

77007 industrial concrete coatings

Contact us today for our industrial concrete coatings.

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