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Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating | 77036

Say goodbye to damaged concrete floors when you have an expert company applying a 77036 commercial epoxy floor coating. Not only will epoxy flooring help you repair that busted-up concrete in your facility for aesthetic purposes, but it’ll also help decrease your business’s overhead costs.

77036 commercial epoxy floor coating

Imagine all the attention your business will receive from such a beautiful 77036 commercial epoxy floor coating.

An epoxy coating can help reduce your overhead costs in the long run by providing a durable, long-lasting finish that will protect your surfaces from wear and tear. Epoxy coatings are also easy to clean and maintain, which can save you time and money on unnecessary repairs.

Other types of flooring might look great, but don’t be fooled by some of these flooring’s short-term benefits—commercial epoxy floor coating is the long-term solution for a durable and attractive floor. You won’t have to worry about damage for the foreseeable future, and your business will be able to save loads of cash.

This will free you up to focus on more essential areas of your business, like sales and customer service. Therefore, don’t waste any more time. Give our office a call today to learn even more about how our services can help your business. Or delve deeper into the article below to enlighten yourself about all the advantages of epoxy flooring.

Or you can head to our before and after page if you really want to see our work. These photos will help you understand the magnitude of the job. They will also give you a clearer image in your head of how we can have your facility looking after you partner with us. Reach out to schedule your free consultation today!

An Experienced 77036 Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Company Is What You Need

Many people are looking for an epoxy floor coating company that can provide a quality job. You want a company that has experience in the commercial epoxy floor coating business. You also want a company that is affordable and highly recommended by the general public.

When it comes to being considered the king of Houston area epoxy services, only one company takes the crown – Epoxy Technology Coatings! We provide top-notch epoxy flooring solutions that are both beautiful and highly stable. You can trust our experienced team to handle all your needs, no matter what type of company you run.

Our dominance in the local epoxy market is a result of our high-quality epoxy mixtures and our experienced team. Unlike other epoxy companies in the area, we take the time to get to know our customers and how we can better serve them. This means that no matter what question you call us with, we will help you understand what you need to know.

77036 commercial epoxy floor coating

One of the best uses for our services is to protect your garage.

Ask around the Houston area, and everyone who has teamed up with us will tell you our contractors are amazing! This is evident by our amazing reviews on Google and by the word-of-mouth that has built up our business for decades. Therefore, let us install a 77036 commercial epoxy floor coating and build your business up the same way!

How Does Epoxy Floors Protect Your Business & Its Employees?

A commercial epoxy floor coating can protect your floor from liquids, wear and tear, as well as other contaminants. However, the exact scenarios that play out determine the type of business you own. Say you run a warehouse that employs a gang of professionals who operate heavy machinery.

The type of flooring you have will greatly impact the durability of the warehouse floor and, ultimately, your business. If you have an epoxy floor coating in place, it will protect your floor from the heavy traffic that passes through your facility.

A retail establishment may not have such heavy equipment, but there are other factors to consider. When a customer enters a store, they expect to find a clean atmosphere. That includes the floor. An epoxy floor coating can give a sense of professionalism and freshness that enhances the experience of the consumer.

Not only will they be more likely to return to shop with you again, but their positive word-of-mouth will promote your business and attract new customers. Whether your floor is experiencing high traffic or not, regular maintenance is usually required to keep it looking new. However, you won’t have to worry about maintenance for a long while if you partner up with us!

This is because an epoxy coating will usually last for many years, even up to a decade in some cases. These durable surfaces are virtually indestructible, so if you are in need of such a floor, call now!

What is Our Epoxy Color Selection Like?

When it comes to choosing an epoxy floor coating for your commercial space, you need a company that has a wide variety of colors to choose from. At our company, we offer an endless selection of epoxy colors so that you can find the perfect match for your brand’s colors.

77036 commercial epoxy floor coating

We have the standard whites and blacks, and we even have more vibrant hues if you desire something slightly more flamboyant.

Our epoxy colors are fade-resistant and come in a variety of finishes, including high gloss, semi-gloss, and matte. Whether you’re looking for a garage floor coating, a commercial kitchen floor coating, or an industrial warehouse floor coating, our epoxy colors are perfect for a variety of applications.

Call us to inquire about our brindle flake, blended flake, and our metallic colors. Each one of these types of epoxy coatings offers intricate designs that will give your floors that “wow” factor that you are going for. If you are going for a more subdued look, our solid epoxy coatings offer just the right amount of “wow” without being too extravagant.

Call Us To Schedule Your Epoxy Floor Coating Today

Don’t let another second go by walking on those busted-up concrete floors. Call us to schedule a 77036 commercial epoxy floor coating, and you will thank us when you start reaping the benefits of these beautiful floors!

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