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Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating | 77036

A great option when it comes to flooring is a 77036 industrial grade epoxy floor coating. This product is perfect for industrial settings, warehouses, garages, and many other areas where durable flooring is needed. This floor coating is made of a two-part heat-cured system. This ensures that the product is both strong and flexible.

Industrial grade epoxy floor coating is also resistant to a variety of chemicals, water, and most other types of damage. The color of this floor coating can be both beautiful and versatile. It can be used in a variety of settings, whether it is for a commercial or industrial setting. This is a great option for those who are looking for a floor coating that is both beautiful and enduring.

77036 industrial grade epoxy floor coating

We have many beautiful 77036 industrial grade epoxy floor coating options.

Those who have employees who work in an industrial setting know how dangerous these sites can be. However, when you have epoxy floors in these areas, it is much safer for your employees. Not only is the floor coating strong and resistant to damage, but it is also very slip resistant.

This makes it much harder for anyone to injure themselves. Not only is this the right thing to do for your employees, but it can actually save you money in the long run. Things like accidents, injuries, and lost time can all add up. With epoxy floors, you can be sure that these risks are minimized.

A 77036 Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating Can Work Wonders For You!

An epoxy floor coating can give your industrial space a brand-new look while ensuring your business is protected from all kinds of damage. Not only is this a beautiful floor coating, but it is also one of the most stable options on the market. When you choose epoxy floor coating, you can be sure that your floors will look great and last for years.

Other types of floors, like tile, wood, and untreated concrete, can be damaged by liquids, solvents, and other types of chemicals. However, epoxy is resistant to all of these things. This means that your floors will stay in good condition even in the most challenging of environments.

Not only can eA Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating Is Dazzling! | 77036poxy help you keep your employees safer and prevent the spillage of harmful chemicals, but it can also help you with your bottom line. Not having to worry about repairing your floor will free you up to put those finances into other areas of your business.

This may seem out there, but epoxy floors can actually reduce the noise in your buildings as well! This works because the floor is actually structurally stronger than the rest of your building. This means that sound will not be able to travel through your floor as easily, making it quieter for everyone inside.

Another benefit of a 77036 industrial grade epoxy floor coating is you can also reduce the amount of energy that is needed to heat and cool your space. This can not only save you money, but it can also help you reduce your carbon footprint! Therefore, if you want a great all-around floor that has many benefits other than just being aesthetically pleasing, call us today!

What is Epoxy Gloss Level All About?

77036 industrial grade epoxy floor coating

Our high gloss finishes will give your floor a beautiful shine!

When it comes to epoxy floor coatings, the level of gloss you choose can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your space. A high-gloss finish will give your floor a shiny, polished appearance that is easy to clean and maintain. A medium-gloss finish will provide a more muted look that can help to hide imperfections.

When choosing a gloss level, it is important to consider the area where the floor will be installed. If you are looking for an epoxy floor coating for an industrial space, a high-gloss finish may be the best option. If you are looking for an epoxy floor coating for a garage, a low-gloss finish may be the best option. No matter what look you are going for; there is a gloss level that can meet your needs.

Which Epoxy Styles Are Right For You?

We offer many different styles when it comes to epoxy floor coatings. Here are just a few options to consider:

  • Brindle Flake – Brindle flake is a highly versatile epoxy floor coating that looks as if pieces of crystals are jumping off the ground! This aesthetic can capture the imagination of potential clients and wow them with colors such as cobalt, obsidian, and basalt.
  • Blended Flake – One of our coolest designs is our blended flake style of flooring. These colors are vibrant, and you usually find them in luxurious industrial establishments. If you want to impress anyone that walks through your doors, this is the style for you.
  • Solid Color Options – If you want a minimal design that is as elegant as it is low-key, then our solid color options might be right up your alley. If you throw our high gloss finish on this, it will still look great and have a beautiful shine. These styles of floors are great for any healthcare professional due to their minimalistic approach.
  • Metallic Epoxy Colors – There is no other style in our collection of epoxy colors that looks quite like our metallic offerings. This type of flooring provides a sort of three-dimensional appearance that is as vivid as it is practical. This type of flooring is great for restaurants where a high level of visual appeal is important.

    77036 industrial grade epoxy floor coating

    Even if you need a matte look, fear not! This type of coating still offers the same toughness as our other services.

Be sure to call our office to learn even more about these epoxy styles. They all come in numerous different colors, and we’ll help you pick the one that fits your business today!

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