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Effective Commercial Concrete Floor Refinishing | 77077

77077 commercial concrete floor refinishing

We can make your floors as shiny as you like. Our commercial concrete floor refinishing services will breathe new life into your floors!

Epoxy Technology Coatings offers stellar 77077 commercial concrete floor refinishing services! If your polished or decorative concrete is looking dull, cracked, chipped, etc., it’s time to start looking for expert services to help you out. Our incredible epoxy services will enable you to get your commercial concrete floor refinished in no time. Plus, we also offer concrete reparation services so that you can still benefit from our stellar flooring services.

Epoxy Technology Coatings has been in the epoxy flooring business since 2005, providing our clients with incredible epoxy services. We service communities all over Houston and its surrounding areas, including Richmond, Katy, Sugar Land, and Missouri City. Our 77077 commercial concrete floor refinishing services are top-of-the-line and can leave your concrete floor look smooth, bright, and attractive once more.

We also offer epoxy concrete refinishing for industrial and residential areas as well. Because of concrete’s durability, plenty of industrial areas have a concrete floor installed. Unfortunately, concrete can suffer damage through wear and tear, as well as chemical, oil and all manner of dangerous spills. If your concrete floor is looking a little worse for wear, then count on us to restore it with epoxy coatings.

Residential areas, too, could benefit from our epoxy coatings. Poorly-lit and easily messy areas like your kitchen and garage can all benefit from epoxy flooring. Epoxy is easy to clean, with a bright, smooth sheen that can help improve your area’s light reflection.

We offer a free consultation, so call us today! Our stellar team will be glad to help you out. You may also visit us at one of our Houston office locations. For commercial concrete floor refinishing that can reinvigorate your entire flooring system, you won’t want to do without our high-quality epoxy and expert services.

The Benefits of 77077 Commercial Concrete Floor Refinishing

Epoxy is very quickly becoming one of the most popular floor coatings available on the market. And it’s no secret why. Epoxy has tons of benefits for both commercial, industrial, and residential settings, providing long-lasting protection to your floors while still being attractive.

Epoxy is an organic compound made up of hardener and epoxy resin, which react and bond together and to the floor to create a powerful adhesive. Here are just some of the numerous benefits an epoxy floor can give you:

  • Cost-effective
  • Able to withstand spills, tire marks, and other damage
  • Improves light reflection and room brightness
  • Can handle heavy loads and equipment
  • Improves vehicle traction
  • Tons of color and style options
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Durable

You will never have to worry about your floor giving up on you when you hire our commercial concrete floor refinishing services. Our epoxy coatings can not only improve but strengthen your floor against the worst of threats. You will never want to do without our stellar epoxy services when you hire us.

When it comes to commercial floors, a lot can weather them down for good. There is everyday foot traffic, for one thing, but there are also other factors as well. Pets and small children can wreck your floors for good through scratches, excrement, and other damage. Moreover, if your business handles any chemical products or ultra-heavy ones, those can make a dent on your floors as well.

With epoxy, however, you need never have to worry about your commercial floor failing on you. Epoxy coatings work with all kinds of floor materials and can leave your floor looking clean, beautiful, and strong against all types of damage. And with our commercial concrete floor refinishing services, you can optimize your commercial floor system for good.

77077 commercial concrete floor refinishing

Our commercial concrete floor refinishing services are great for commercial spaces with lots of traffic.

Other Uses For Epoxy

Epoxy coatings can be used to improve most any kind of floor or dwelling. For industrial areas especially, epoxy coatings have proven to be most essential. Industrial settings have, after all, all kinds of chemical and waste by-products around, as well as heavy loads and equipment that can dent even the toughest floor.

With epoxy, however, dealing with unsightly stains and cracks in your concrete will be long in the past. Epoxy can withstand tire marks and scratches, as well as even the most hazardous of spills. Its environmentally-friendly and easy application reduces the chances of harm from chemicals.

Epoxy can even be great for residential areas as well, particularly garages. Garages can have all kinds of messes, including oil residue that leaves your garage floor sticky and stained. An epoxy garage floor coating will allow your garage floor to be clean, safe, and beautiful once more, as well as being easy to clean and maintain.

77077 commercial concrete floor refinishing

Get a great 77077 commercial concrete floor refinishing today!

The Best Commercial Concrete Floor Refinishing Services Are Here

When it comes to expert epoxy services, no one can best the quality of Epoxy Technology Coatings. Our epoxy is commercial-grade, durable, and tough against a whole host of threats. One of the advantages of epoxy is its easy-to-apply qualities for the DIY-ers out there. However, much can go wrong with your epoxy installation, so don’t hesitate to turn to the professionals instead.

Our stellar epoxy team know the ins and outs of epoxy and can install your epoxy coatings safely and correctly. We make sure we thoroughly clean and patch the area, mixing epoxy resins and hardener and applying several layers of epoxy coatings. We also make sure to follow the curing times precisely; otherwise, the epoxy would yellow and chip off over time.

In addition, we offer tons of color and style options for your epoxy coatings. Choose among our solid epoxy colors and lava flow metallic epoxy styles. We also offer tons of brindled or blended flake options, including recreational flakes and commercial flakes. The possibilities are endless!

Epoxy Technology Coatings is committed to helping you get the most out of your commercial floor. So don’t hesitate to call us today for the 77077 commercial concrete floor refinishing services you need.

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