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Best Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating | Katy TX

Epoxy Technology Coatings can offer Katy, TX best industrial epoxy floor coating services in the Houston area. After all, the best industrial epoxy flooring coating services are backed with experience. And, our team has over fifteen years of experience working with both commercial spaces and residential spaces.

When you speak with us, we can provide a free consultation where we come to you. We will analyze your space and tell you what we would need to do, how long it can take, and how much it will cost.

From there, you have a chance to compare your options. You will be able to see if our services are exactly what you are looking for and if we fit within your price range. We assure you that the price will be well worth the investment.

The results of epoxy can be incredible, however, we can provide exceptional services that exceed any other company in the area. Give us a call today, or visit us at our office to discuss your options for Katy, TX best industrial epoxy floor coating.

We Know How to Provide The Katy, TX Best Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Results

Katy, TX best industrial epoxy floor coating

We have had the privilege of installing the Katy, TX best industrial epoxy floor coating in hundreds of places just like yours.

If you want the best results for your flooring renovations, you want to go with a company that knows how to deliver them. Epoxy is not the easiest to work with, and there is a lot of prep work. It takes time and patience to get epoxy to look good. Therefore, you want a company that has the ability to take its time and not rush to make a quick buck.

On the flip side, companies do not have the time or money to spend forever working on renovations. It is equally as important to find a company that has a system that works well. An epoxy flooring company needs to know what works and what doesn’t to be able to efficiently lay down epoxy quickly enough so it can cure within a reasonable amount of time.

Epoxy Technology Coatings is a company that knows how to work with epoxy and has a system that works well with just about any space. We have been doing this for nearly two decades and therefore are confident in our skill set.

One of the steps that take the longest is the prep work. The prep work is making minor repairs to floors, cleaning, and leveling out surfaces.

This step has to be done meticulously because any bit of dust, hair, stains, and imperfections on a floor can completely ruin the end result. By then, it will be too late and can be costly to tear up and restart. Therefore, this step needs to be done correctly before any amount of epoxy touches the floor.

The second step that takes the longest is curing because all you’re doing is waiting. It can take several days for epoxy to cure, depending on the size of the space and how many layers there are. In this step, you want to take an extra day or two to ensure the epoxy is fully cured. Otherwise, it can be damaged easily.

To ensure things move along quickly so most of the time allotted can be used for curing, we have a system that works very well. We know what is expected of us, and we have a highly motivated team that wants to provide the best quality results. Our team will show up at your location, ready to work hard until the job is completely finished.

Katy, TX best industrial epoxy floor coating

We can also help brighten your space by adding a highly reflective gloss.

What We Are Prepared to Offer

If you choose our flooring, we can provide flooring that is resistant to just about anything you throw at it. Seriously, our floors are impact-resistant. If you accidentally drop heavy objects on our floors, the objects might take more of a beating than our floors. This also means you won’t have to worry about cracks or dents like you would with concrete, tile, and stone.

Our floors are slip-resistant. This makes our floors the ideal choice for many places, such as industrial shops, auto shops, hospitals, assisted living, restaurants, veterinarians, and the list goes on.

Cleaning is a breeze with our floors because epoxy is nonporous. Dirt, dust, and debris can easily be swept up without getting caught in little crevices. Moreover, feel free to use your preferred cleaners because we make our floors chemical-resistant. This also means that our floors are stain-resistant.

For those that deal with high heat, such as kitchens and welding shops, our floors are also heat resistant. Overall, our floors are great for just about any commercial and industrial space.

Customers can choose from hundreds of colors. Our solid colors come in shades such as Ford Blue and Metal Grey, and even safety colors such as Safety Red and Yellow. These colors can be used to mark areas for loading and unloading and mark walkways, equipment areas, and loads, among other options.

If you want to match a particular color, we have the ability to create custom colors. This is great for matching team colors, logo colors, or simply just standing out.

Metallic colors create interesting patterns that look great in restaurants, dance clubs, and other places with a playful ambiance.

For an extra touch of color or for practical purposes, try our colored paint flakes. Flakes are great for adding texture and depth. They are also great for covering up dirt.

Whatever your reason may be, we offer blended flakes and brindle flakes in a couple of sizes, including 1/8th inch and 1/4th inch. We broadcast them before the epoxy dries and can lay down any amount you want. We can cover the whole floor or just a small amount, depending on your needs.

Check out our before and after photos for examples of our past work.

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We can assure you that you will love the results our company offers. We know how to apply this process because we have installed over one million square feet of epoxy flooring. Many businesses and homeowners put their trust in us and absolutely love the result. If you want to ensure you get the Katy, TX best industrial epoxy floor coating then contact Epoxy Technology Coatings today.

Katy, TX best industrial epoxy floor coating

The color options are literally endless.

Fun Facts for Katy, TX

  • Join friends and family at the VFW Park for movie nights and campouts.
  • There is indoor skydiving that hosts parties, education programs, and many other events.
  • Katy was settled in 1845 but was slow to grow due to hot weather and poor farming conditions.