November 1, 2023

Epoxy Contractors Near Me | Cypress, TX

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We have some of the most reliable epoxy contractors near me Cypress, TX. Epoxy Technology Coatings has been providing optimal epoxy solutions since 2005. When it comes to protecting your commercial floors from all manner of devastation, we are the ones you can trust.

Epoxy flooring has many advantages and benefits, especially for commercial areas. Epoxy is made out of fully cured epoxy resin that has truly powerful properties. Epoxy floors are slip-resistant, fire-resistant, and impact-resistant. This means that they can protect your floors from even the worst of damage over time.

epoxy contractors near me Cypress, TX

Look at commercial epoxy floor coating colors like our charcoal selection. Now imagine all the attention your business will receive from such a beautiful floor. Call our epoxy contractors near me today!

Epoxy Technology Coatings operates with your satisfaction in mind. We work closely with you to ensure that your commercial-area floor is well-installed and completely to your satisfaction. Our team works hard to ensure your area is well-lit, clean, and protected from wear and tear and other threats.

The differences between regular floors and epoxy floors are as clear as night and day, and we have the photos to prove it. Contact our team at our Houston location to get started with us. You can get a free estimate, no problem.

What Our Epoxy Contractors Near Me Cypress, TX Can Do For You

Epoxy is truly a useful substance, and once properly cured, is not dangerous to humans or animals. Epoxy’s uses are many, not just in flooring but in electronics and plastic materials as well. First patented in 1934, epoxy is a compound of reactive prepolymers and polymers. These react together to create a truly powerful substance.

Once applied, an epoxy floor resists even the heaviest of the objects. It is also very easy to clean, which can help you save up on housekeeping. Epoxy resists hazardous solids and liquids, which can otherwise devastate ordinary floors. Epoxy can even withstand tire marks and other types of scratches.

At Epoxy Technology Coatings, we have the expertise you need. We know how to mix epoxy and apply a coating to your floor, letting it be fully cured. With an epoxy application, you can be sure that your areas will be cleaner and brighter than ever before. Our epoxy contractors near me Cypress, TX work closely with you to ensure you are fully satisfied with your floor.

epoxy contractors near me Cypress, TX

Our Basalt brindle flake color looks like real stone and offers extra shine. Get epoxy contractors near me today!

Which Businesses Could Use An Epoxy Floor?

Epoxy Technology Coatings believes that most businesses could and should invest in an epoxy floor. However, the industries that need it most are those with higher risks of accidents and spillage.

Human error is one of the few things in this world that are absolutely guaranteed. Investing in a strong and durable epoxy floor, then, will leave your commercial area all the better for it. Not to mention that it will save you tons of money in the long run.

The problem is that most companies opt for a concrete floor. But as hardy as concrete is, it is not immune to the ravages of time, use, and human error. Concrete can develop cracks, letting dangerous liquids and materials seep in. It also stains easily, which, after a while, looks dull and unsightly.

So, if you own a business in these industries, it is highly recommended you look into applying a nice, thick epoxy coat. These industries include:

  • Industrial Plants: If you’re dealing with chemicals and waste on a daily basis, then an epoxy floor is definitely beneficial. An epoxy floor resists these substances splendidly; not only that, but they are much easier to clean than porous materials.
  • Warehouses: Storage facilities, in general, have to deal with tons of weight. They also move objects, leading to an increased risk of scratches. So it’s prudent to apply an epoxy coat for these types of buildings.
  • Garages: Commercial garages are dirty and stain floors easily with the number of cars that use them. Oil spillages are common with vehicles, as well as skid marks. Epoxy is good with heavy vehicles and all matters of spills. If your industry has garages, then an epoxy floor is requisite.
  • Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens: These industries handle a lot of food, liquid, and waste, which can erode even the hardiest of floors. Fortunately, epoxy is impervious to even dangerous liquids and solids.
  • Medical Care Facilities: Medical centers, hospitals, and labs: Epoxy floors have a smooth surface that doesn’t hold bacteria and is easy to clean. In places where cleanliness and hygiene are very important, these are the best picks.
  • Retail Stores: For stores and displays, epoxy floors can give a room a nice, high-gloss finish that makes it look better. There is enough strength in them to handle a lot of foot traffic, and shopping carts and furniture won’t damage them.
  • Laboratories: These are places where scientists do study and tests. Because they don’t react with chemicals and are easy to clean, epoxy floors are good for labs that need to keep things clean and free of chemicals.
  • Hospitality and Entertainment: Hotels, bars, and entertainment venues: Epoxy flooring can add a touch of sophistication and durability to hospitality and entertainment spaces. It is available in various colors and designs to suit the desired ambiance.
epoxy contractors near me Cypress, TX

Choosing a color for the surface of your floors has never been so fun! It can change the entire atmosphere! Our epoxy contractors near me can apply an epoxy coating of your choice.

Contact Our Epoxy Contractors Near Me

No matter the nature of your business, you can expect good results from Epoxy Technology Coatings. Our high-quality epoxy solutions are guaranteed to protect your floors. Our epoxy contractors near me offer epoxy in many colors, which include:

We can even match your epoxy floor with your business’s brand or color themes. Opting for a colorful epoxy floor is more than just a simple aesthetic. For industrial areas, an epoxy floor can mark safe walkways, machine locations, Kanban zones, and other areas.

So what are you waiting for? Contact our excellent team today to get started! Epoxy Technology Coatings works hard to ensure your commercial floors are protected from even the most devastating threats.

Fun Facts About Cypress, TX:

  • Cypress has had a lot of population growth in the last few years.
  • People who live in or visit the area can enjoy hiking, fishing, and boating outside at Cypress Park, Little Cypress Creek Preserve, and the close Cypress Creek Greenway.
  • The area is served by the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (CFISD), which is one of the biggest and best school systems in Texas.