November 2, 2023

Epoxy Floor Contractors | Katy, TX

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Epoxy Technology Coatings have the best epoxy floor contractors Katy, TX. We offer high-quality flooring options that will last. Our epoxy flooring services are the best on the market because we care about quality and pay close attention to detail. We promise that our clients will have durable and attractive epoxy floors.

epoxy floor contractors Katy, TX

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Why Should You Hire Our Epoxy Floor Contractors Katy, TX for Epoxy Flooring Services?

We make sure that our customers only get the best because we are the best at epoxy floor services. Epoxy flooring is the best type of flooring there is. It has special qualities that make it a good choice for both homes and businesses.

Epoxy flooring from Epoxy Technology Coatings is long-lasting, easy to clean, and looks great. It’s the best mix of function and style.

Choose Quality Epoxy Floor Contractors

The most important thing about installing epoxy flooring in residential places is that it is done correctly. We are the epoxy floor contractors people trust to give them great flooring options for their homes. Our professional team has the skills and knowledge to make sure that the installation goes smoothly and looks great.

The thing that makes us different from other epoxy floor service providers is that we strive for greatness. We tailor each job to meet the specific needs of each client, making sure that it is of the highest quality and finished on time. Our high-quality flooring solutions not only meet our customers’ needs for good looks but also hold up over time.

How Do We Install Your Epoxy Floor?

We are the best epoxy floor installers, and our special process makes us stand out. First, we make sure the floor is clean and ready for the cement to be put down. This includes a full cleaning process to get rid of any dust, dirt, or other things that could get in the way of the epoxy application.

After that, we use a primer to make sure the epoxy finish sticks well to the floor. The primer also helps make the floor surface smooth and level. We give the primer enough time to fix after it’s been used to make sure it sticks well.

It’s time to apply the glue after the primer has fully dried. We only use high-quality epoxy resins that don’t break easily, so your project will last a long time. The epoxy is spread out properly to make the finish smooth and perfect. We give it a lot of time to fix after application before it’s ready to use.

Finally, a top-coat finish is put on the floor to give it an extra layer of protection. This glue protects against scratches, spills, and other damage that could happen, so the finish won’t need to be fixed for years to come.

epoxy floor contractors Katy, TX

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What Kinds of Epoxy Do We Install?

Epoxy Technology Coatings is an expert in a number of different types of epoxy floors. Our goal is to give each of our customers an epoxy floor option that works for them.

As one of the best epoxy floor companies, we put in self-leveling epoxy floors, which are great for places where the ground isn’t level. When epoxy is put over an existing floor, it levels itself out to make a smooth, even surface. This kind of flooring is tough and can handle heat, spills, and heavy use. It’s great for workshops, kitchens, and industrial areas.

We also install blended flake floors, which are named after the colorful flakes or chips that are spread out on the floor to give it a textured look. The floor comes in different sizes and colors, so you can make it fit your space by creating a unique pattern.

High-performance epoxy polymer resin and stained quartz pieces are mixed together to make these floors. The end result is a floor that is very durable, clean, and nice to look at. It can be used in places like schools, cafeterias, bathrooms, and showrooms.

The metallic epoxy floors we offer give your floor a unique look. These have metallic chemicals mixed into the epoxy to make a floor that is shiny, reflective, and three-dimensional. They work great in homes, retail shops, and showrooms where a beautiful floor can stand out and make the room look special.

People know that our concrete mortar floors last a very long time. They are great for heavy industrial areas, warehouses, and factories because they are made with 100% solid epoxies and graded or quartz sand. This kind of flooring is also great for fixing up old, broken concrete floors because it creates a very strong system that most chemicals can’t get through.

Our goal with our high-quality, cutting-edge concrete solutions is to make your floors look better and work better. Get in touch with Epoxy Technology Coatings, the best epoxy floor contractors Katy, TX, to find out what the best epoxy flooring option is for you. We can turn the base of your room into a timeless epoxy masterpiece if we work together.

epoxy floor contractors Katy, TX

We have very talented epoxy floor contractors.

See the Difference Epoxy Technology Coatings Makes

We think it’s important to give more than just good epoxy flooring solutions. We work hard to make sure our clients are happy with every job, and we try to keep them from having to worry about anything.

We keep our clients informed about the project’s progress through good communication from the first meeting to the end of the job. We are open and honest, and we work hard to give our customers results that go above and beyond what they expect.

People trust us to do a great job with their floors because we are dedicated to doing the best job possible. Are you remodeling your house, or do you just need a new floor for your garage? We promise you a high-quality epoxy floor that looks great and lasts a long time.

Your style and price are taken into account when you choose Epoxy Technology Coatings for your epoxy flooring needs. We make sure you get the most for your money by hiring people who are committed to giving you the best service and the best work. Call us today at our Houston location to get started!

Fun Facts About Katy, TX:

  • Katy used to be called Cane Island.
  • It was named Katy after the MKT Railroad Company, which built a track through it in the 1890s.
  • The Katy Prairie Preserve is an important place for wildlife to live.