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Epoxy Flooring for Veterinary Clinics | Houston, TX

Houston, TX epoxy flooring for veterinary clinics

Medical spaces should be sanitary and easy to clean, so let us install Houston, TX epoxy flooring for veterinary clinics.

Installing Houston, TX epoxy flooring for veterinary clinics is a great way to improve safety conditions. Medical environments require safe, clean areas to keep them up to code, but unfortunately, animals easily cause messes. The possibility of accidents, messes, and scratched or damaged flooring means that a veterinary office should invest in a sturdy floor type.

The team at Epoxy Technology Coatings of Houston has an excellent suggestion for you: we believe you should try epoxy flooring for veterinary clinics. Epoxy resin is great for any commercial or industrial setting, and we think that epoxy flooring is a great way to protect the surfaces of a veterinary office.

Give us a call today if you’d like to discuss epoxy flooring options for your veterinary clinic. We can help you determine which epoxy flooring is best for your office, from solid and metallic colors to blended and brindle flakes. Our stain and scratch-resistant flooring is perfect for not only enhancing the look of your lobbies and room but it will improve their safety as well. Create an easy-to-clean environment that is great for both pets and people.

Maintaining a Sanitary Environment

Any medical space needs to have sanitary conditions. Because pets are prone to creating messes, whether from hair shedding, urination, or scratching the floor, the surfaces on which both animals and humans walk should be durable and easy to clean. They should be able to stand up to large amounts of foot traffic and the wear and tear brought on by animal claws. And most importantly, they shouldn’t soak up liquids or odors if a pet has an accident.

It’s pretty easy to clean and disinfect epoxy flooring. Simply spray the powerful cleaning solution of your choice on the ground, then wipe it up with a paper towel, cloth, or mop. This can help prevent the spread of disease and germs, protecting pets with weaker immune systems.

Affordable Flooring Options

Epoxy resin flooring is also affordable and easy to install, helping you save money on running the clinic. When the flooring you choose is much more durable and less prone to taking damage, you won’t have to spend as much money on fixing cracked concrete, chipped tiles, or scratched wood.

We know that vet clinics are often fast-paced environments filled with many four-legged patients. You can’t afford to spend much time with large sections closed for renovations. That’s why the team at Epoxy Technology Coatings of Houston will work fast to install your brand-new flooring. We’ll work as quickly as possible to coat your existing flooring with epoxy resin so you can spend less time waiting for the epoxy to cure and more time curing your patients!

Houston, TX epoxy flooring for veterinary clinics

High gloss epoxy flooring increases reflectivity and visibility.

Choose Us for Your Houston, TX Epoxy Flooring for Veterinary Clinics

Epoxy Technology Coatings of Houston promises better, faster solutions. Our team of qualified flooring professionals has provided clients with excellent epoxy material for any project since 2005. We deliver incredible flooring solutions, dependable customer service, and high-quality products built to last. Because of our quality, speed, and best solutions, we’re proud to be the best epoxy flooring service in Houston.

We believe our work speaks for itself. If you don’t believe us, visit our before and after photos gallery to see some of our past projects. You can see our residential and commercial projects, from parking garages and industrial floors to restaurants and hospitality locales. Because epoxy is so versatile, we can bring you the best Houston, TX epoxy flooring for veterinary clinics that matches your office’s existing style and provides safety features for your doctors and patients.

When you choose to work with Epoxy Technology Coatings of Houston, you’ll receive all of our attention for your project. Our staff wants to help you design the flooring solutions of your dreams that will have your clinic looking stylish and helping patients stay safe. Epoxy offers practical solutions for modern spaces, so let us install a beautiful floor coating to protect your surfaces!

Our Types of Epoxy

We have over 200 colors of epoxy to choose from, and we’re able to make custom colors on request that are unique to your project needs. You may select from solid, blended or brindle flake, or metallic epoxy colors, and your floors can be finished with either matte, gloss, or high-gloss.

Solid epoxy floor colors are great for surfaces that are meant to be easy on the eyes. If you prefer that your floor has a smooth look instead of a textured one, you might want to choose a solid epoxy color. Solid colors are also great for areas that need to be specially marked, such as waiting areas or back rooms that are only meant for staff entry.

Flakes & Metallic Colors

Blended flake floor coverings are excellent if you want to maintain a natural look for your surfaces. Choose from three flake sizes to create a more visual texture for your floors. Our team can mix as many shades as you like, whether dark or light, to create exciting flake coverings. Some of our offerings include Fire Red, Graphite, Dream Blue, and Charcoal.

Brindle flakes bring a bright, metallic look to your flooring. If you like the details of flakes but want more sheen, you can’t go wrong with brindle flake epoxy floor colors. Some of our brindle flake colors include Garnet, Obsidian, and Pumice.

Our gorgeous metallic epoxy colors are poured to achieve a lava flow look that brings an elegant allure to any space. These colors are excellent choices for areas that need a little extra flair. You can achieve incredible flooring looks with color choices such as Red Burst, True Blue, and Sunny Day.

Houston, TX epoxy flooring for veterinary clinics

Our metallic lava flow colors can make your flooring look gorgeous!

Call Us Today For a Free Consultation!

Call us or visit one of our convenient office locations to discuss your epoxy flooring project today. Our incredible epoxy resin coatings can improve your clinic spaces for both patients and doctors. We can help you design the Houston, TX epoxy flooring for veterinary clinics of your dreams.

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